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**POSITION FILLED** Part-time, paid work experience opportunity - Trust Law and Undue Infleunce



Brian Keene, QC has over 45 years of litigation experience in the areas of construction law, arbitration and mediation, securities law, insolvency law relating to director's trading responsibilities and the law of voidable transactions, as well as white collar crime criminal cases.
Brian was also the former President of ADLS.


Brian Keene, QC is seeking a 5th year law student for research in the field of Trust Law and Undue Influence. Applicants should possess understanding of “Deemed" influence by a trustee over a beneficiary and the relevance of separate legal advice. Some knowledge about the scope of fiduciary relationships will be important.  

The duties in this role will be to explore on whom lies the burden of proving undue influence; validity of a waiver of rights relating to an undue influene when the right is abandoned or curtailed by a beneficiary under the influence; and the obligations on trustees to comply with directions from the beneficiaries where there is prima facie evidence of undue influence by a co-trustee.

This role will be for 2-3 weeks and will involve approximately 15 hours of intensive research. Selected applicants will be thouroughly briefed by Brian Keene. 

Applications close on 17 May 2017, with an expected start date of 22 May 2017.


Brian Keene, QC's chambers are located at Level 9/20 Waterloo Quadrant, Auckland.

To Apply

To register your interest, please email your CV and cover letter including the reference number #34 to:

Tessa Sillifant
Student Support and Experience Adviser, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland  

Applications close Wednesday, 17 May 2017. The University of Auckland will confirm receipt of your CV and also submit eligible candidates to the advertiser.

Please do not contact the advertiser directly.

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