The freedom to fly – ADLS and Air New Zealand Airpoints™ partnership

A little over a year ago, ADLS became the only legal sector partner to offer Airpoints Dollars™ under Air New Zealand’s Airpoints™ and Airpoints for Business™ programmes, giving lawyers and law firms who purchase ADLS products and services the opportunity to earn Airpoints Dollars on their spend with us.


By now, many lawyers and firms are reaping the rewards of this new initiative and are getting additional value – by simply purchasing eligible ADLS products and attending ADLS CPD seminars, webinars and conferences.

From its point of view, Air New Zealand says that partnering with ADLS has proved to be a great move.

“The Airpoints programme is all about giving people the freedom of flight. ADLS’ involvement enables it to deliver value back to its members and other lawyer customers which, from what we’ve seen, has very high appeal, and ultimately helps customers get away on their next holiday faster, so everyone’s happy,” says Mark Street, General Manager of Loyalty Products at Air New Zealand.

“We’ve welcomed 21 new partners into the Airpoints programme over the past 12 months, meaning our 2.4 million members now have 59 partners with whom to earn Airpoints Dollars. With so many more partners to earn Airpoints Dollars from, our members have found that they’ve then been able to spend them a lot sooner, on lots of different things. Some are using their Airpoints Dollars on flights or upgrades and others spend theirs on gifts from the Airpoints Store.”

Airpoints Dollars can be earned on purchases of ADLS CPD, legal texts and publications, hard copy forms, a range of ADLS print subscriptions, ADLS ticketed collegiality events, ADLS venue and meeting room hireage fees, and ADLS membership subscription fees and membership cards. In addition, law firms which have joined Airpoints for Business and which are subscribed to WebForms will be able to earn Airpoints Dollars on WebForms forms purchases (excluding subscription, licence and user fees).

What is Airpoints for Business?

The Airpoints for Business programme sees a number of key business partners joining with Air New Zealand to offer small- and medium-sized businesses (including law firms) the ability to earn Airpoints Dollars on their everyday business spend.

“We wanted to reward New Zealand small- and medium-sized businesses (which would include many of New Zealand’s law firms) with Airpoints Dollars on business-related flights and purchases,” said Mr Street when the partnership originally launched. “The person in the aircraft seat, doing the actual travelling, is not always the person who has paid for the ticket – and we wanted to reward those people as well.”

It works like this. A business owner or firm sets up an Air New Zealand Airpoints for Business account, and then invites employees to join the account. Lawyers practising on their own can also join the Airpoints programme. When the business spends with an Airpoints for Business partner (such as when a law firm spends with ADLS), it will earn Airpoints Dollars. In addition, every time an employee travels on Air New Zealand for work, the business will be rewarded with bonus Airpoints Dollars on top of those accrued by the employee on his or her own Airpoints account.

Once firms have started accruing Airpoints Dollars in their Airpoints for Business account, there are various ways in which they can be used – not only can they be redeemed for future business-related flights, but firms may also wish to transfer Airpoints Dollars to their employees as incentives, enabling them to purchase flights or other rewards such as Koru memberships and Airpoints Upgrades. Airpoints for Business is free to join and there are no annual membership fees or minimum spend requirements.

Airpoints 2

Now, with the Airpoints and Airpoints for Business partnership between Air New Zealand and ADLS well into its second year, sign-up rates indicate that the programme has been a great success, with both member and non-member law firms who use ADLS’s products and services capitalising on their existing spend with the organisation.

Feedback received by Air New Zealand from other small-to medium-sized business participants in the Airpoints for Business programme has been very positive, and there are now more businesses than ever with Airpoints for Business accounts, enjoying the opportunity to earn Airpoints Dollars with Air New Zealand and its business partners.

“Members are using the Airpoints Dollars in lots of different ways,” says Mark Street. “Some are using these Airpoints Dollars to reward staff for good work, some are using it to offset their existing business travel, particularly domestically, or some are using the Airpoints Dollars for their own personal travel – Fiji, here they come! More than 890,000 flights taken by members last year were paid for with Airpoints Dollars, with the number one trans-Tasman destination Sydney and the number one long-haul destination Los Angeles.”

Airpoints Main

Aside from ADLS, there are 14 other partners in the Airpoints for Business programme, including Westpac, Bayleys, Avis, Budget, Z and Mitre 10 to name just a few, so firms should also remember that the benefits of being part of the Airpoints for Business programme are broader than their spend with ADLS – the more spent across all of the partners, the greater the rewards. Air New Zealand has recently announced Randstad as a new Airpoints for Business partner, so there is now the ability to earn Airpoints Dollars when recruiting staff. Other new (non-business) partners who have recently come on board include The Economist and Molemap. Mr Street says that the airline is actively engaged with a number of other potential partners – so watch this space!

A special “Double Airpoints Dollars” offer from ADLS*

ADLS is offering both its members and non-member lawyers the chance to earn double Airpoints Dollars on their Cradle to Grave 2017 conference registrations and on new subscriptions to the NZ Lawyers Directory, 2017 editions. (Terms and conditions apply*)

*Terms and conditions

The standard earn rate on eligible ADLS purchases is four Airpoints Dollars per $100 spend for ADLS members, and two Airpoints Dollars per $100 spend for non-member lawyers, excluding GST. Visit for full details, terms and conditions of the ADLS Airpoints Dollars programme and double Airpoints Dollars promotions on the Cradle to Grave Conference 2017 registrations and new subscription orders to the NZ Lawyers Directory, 2017 editions. Alternatively, you can contact ADLS Member Services by emailing or phoning (09) 303 5270. Air New Zealand terms and conditions also apply: for Airpoints terms and conditions, see and for Airpoints for Business, see

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