Without notice applications - National e-Duty changes

Law News has been asked by the Principal Family Court Judge, his Honour Judge Ryan, to alert practitioners to changes to the National e-Duty ling process as follows.

“There has been a significant increase in the volume of without notice applications led late in the afternoon to the extent that it has become unmanageable for both the auditors and rostered Judges.

To ensure there is adequate time for Judges to properly consider these urgent applications, it has been decided that the National e-Duty process will be changed as follows:

From 15 December 2016, any without notice application that is not placed on the National e-Duty platform by 3:30pm will be dealt with in the morning of the following working day. Counsel and parties are encouraged to le without notice applications earlier in the day to ensure they are received, processed and placed onto the National e-Duty platform before 3:30pm.

There will no longer be a ‘cut-o ’ time as such for ling applications. Rather, there will be no guarantee that proceedings led later in the day will be considered by a Judge on the same day.”

In relation to these changes, ADLS’s Family Law Committee also comments:

“It will assist the Court and clients if without notice applications are led as soon as possible, even if after 3:30pm, so that they can be dealt with as soon as judge time is available. is avoids the late morning/ early afternoon log-jamb that currently occurs. e Registry has sta working extended/ exible hours and les can be progressed after 5pm or before 9am the following day.” 

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