ADLS and LexisNexis team up on research tools for sole practitioners

One of the many advantages of being a member of ADLS is having access to our Member Benefits Programme and its range of preferential offers, from carefully selected, market-leading brands and providers.

Lexis Legal Lab

ADLS Member Benefits suppliers are chosen because they can offer members something differentiated and compelling in the way of business tools or services for lawyers, to which normal consumers may not necessarily have access. As part of the programme, ADLS worked with LexisNexis®, leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions, to create an online research package for sole practitioners and barristers sole.

The result, launched in September this year, is the ADLS-LEXIS LEGAL LAB – a customisable, online research package, available exclusively to barristers sole and sole practitioners who are ADLS members.

LawNews spoke with Stephen a’Court, Head of Sales & Marketing at LexisNexis, to find out more about ADLS-LEXIS LEGAL LAB, how it was developed, what it includes, and how it fits within the ever-changing interaction of law and technology.

How was the product developed?

ADLS and LexisNexis began talking about the possibility of partnering on a research tool for sole practitioners and barristers sole some time ago. We identified a number of shared values and an aligned vision for the profession and, particular, thought there was a gap in the available resources for these types of practitioners.

We did a lot of research on what those practising outside the big firms wanted. The answer was something easy to understand, with a broad content base, and with flexibility and choice as to what particular products the individual wanted to consume. Consultation was also undertaken with a selection of ADLS members as to the package’s proposed content, with feedback indicating it would be a strong and valuable offering.

What does the ADLS-LEXIS LEGAL LAB package offer?

The package comprises a broad range of quality content, designed to be easily and quickly accessible to the particular user. The package is powered by Lexis Advance® – an innovative online research platform that should feel very familiar to users of any other major search platform – a simple search box enables you to type in a case citation or simply do a free-text search, across all of the content in the package, or broken down by title.

Fixed content includes the New Zealand Law Reports and Linxplus. Then, depending on the particular user’s needs and practice area(s), four individual key titles can be selected from a wide range of top titles, including favourites such as Cross on Evidence, the New Zealand Law Journal, Casebase and Sim’s Court Practice.

A further four “collections” (organised by practice area) can also be chosen, each including texts, bulletins and law reports pertinent to that area. A broad range of practice areas is on offer – from commercial and company law to criminal and transport, from employment law to family, IP to trusts, and property to resource management.

Although the overall offering contains a good breadth and depth of coverage, practitioners have said that they do want to be able to choose what they pay for within that. So we have given individuals the choice. There is also the possibility of bolting on additional items/collections to a package at a discounted rate on request.

What are the particular advantages of the package to sole practitioners/barristers?

Because people practising law on their own often do not have as much in-house support as lawyers in bigger firms, the package has been designed and is available exclusively to ADLS members who are sole practitioners or barristers sole. The initial response has been really strong, indicating practitioners really see the value in what is being offered – outside of this package, they might only be able to get three of these titles for a similar price point.

How is technology impacting the delivery of services to the legal marketplace?

The legal technology space is experiencing a massive surge in innovation. Analytics, machine learning and cognitive computing are transforming the way law is practised, and we are moving rapidly to develop technology that empowers data-driven lawyers and improves their everyday workflow.

Innovation is a value that we all must now aspire to adopt. Legal professionals are increasingly interacting with clients remotely, while clients themselves are becoming more careful in selecting legal counsel, because of easily available reviews and ranking records. The traditional model of delivering legal services has been disrupted by the unbundling of services and the increased competition arising out of that.

By leveraging the power of technological innovation in legal research, LexisNexis is playing a crucial role in the way legal services are being delivered, and this package is an example of that.

To learn more about this package, please contact Matt Pedersen at LexisNexis at or phone (09) 368 9515. Terms and conditions apply to this offer. ADLS members can see full details of the offer on the Member Benefits page. An On Demand webinar explaining more about the tool and its unique features will be available on the ADLS website.

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