Waikato Young Lawyer & Student Buddy Programme

ADLS, in association with the Waikato University Law Students’ Association (WULSA), recently hosted a special evening at Waikato University to kick off a new Young Lawyer & Student Buddy Programme there.

Young Lawyer

The programme sees individual law students being paired with a young lawyer as their mentor to help prepare the students for their entry into the profession. A small time commitment can turn into a very rewarding experience for both mentor and student. A simple catch-up over coffee for as little as an hour every month or so really help students as they face important choices that may influence the rest of their legal career.

ADLS and WULSA endeavour to match each mentor pair based on area of practice/interest. A brief overview on mentoring, to support the pair in building their mentoring relationship, is also provided. On the night, each pair was given a number to identify each other, which helped break the ice.

The programme was originally launched in Auckland and has received widespread support from young lawyers and students so far. As well as the Auckland and Waikato-based programmes, ADLS will be rolling out another programme at the University of Canterbury in September 2016.

If you would like any further information or would like to become a Buddy, please contact adls.events@adls.org.nz or (09) 303 5287.

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