Communication with the Auckland District Courts

The Family, Civil Litigation and Courthouse Liaison Committees have commenced meetings with Managers responsible for the Service Delivery in these areas in the Auckland District Courts.

The aim of the meetings is to gain a better understanding of how the Auckland District Courts operate and assist in identifying areas that can be improved.

It is also intended that we promulgate information to our members that will assist in their dealings with the Auckland District Courts.

One point that it is important for practitioners to be aware of is that the Case Managers in the Auckland District Courts are not allocated to specific cases in the way that Case Managers are assigned in other courts, for example, the Auckland High Court.

For this reason, practitioners will not be provided with contact details for a specific Case Manager for a specific file.

Emails should be sent to the relevant general email address, depending on the type of proceeding.

For example, an email in relation to a civil matter in any of the Auckland Courts should be directed to

If a practitioner needs to escalate his or her enquiry, then this can be directed to an appropriate Manager by email or phone.

For example in relation to civil matters in any of the Auckland Courts, this should be directed to Heidi Schuman by emailing her at or by contacting her by phone on (09) 374 371 (ext. 63791) or 027 209 8722.

The table on this page sets out other relevant emails and phone numbers.

We hope you find this information helpful. More information will be provided to practitioners as our meetings continue.


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