Come fly with me

Does the wintry weather have you dreaming of sunnier climes or an escape from the everyday?


Well, while we can’t wave a magic wand to instantly transport you elsewhere, ADLS is doing its bit to turn those daydreams into reality, with the opportunity to earn Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars™ on a range of products and services purchased from us. Now, as well as building up your Airpoints Dollars tally by whizzing through the skies, lawyers will be able to rack up even more with ADLS.

ADLS has also partnered with Air New Zealand under its new Airpoints™ for Business programme (more on this below), as Air New Zealand’s first partner in the legal sector, giving law firms the opportunity to earn Airpoints Dollars when they purchase a range of ADLS products and services for the business.

Airpoints and ADLS

From 16 September 2015, ADLS members are able to earn four Airpoints Dollars per $100 spent (exclusive of GST) on a range of products and services purchased from ADLS. Non-member lawyers will also be able to take advantage of the Airpoints Dollars earning potential and can earn two Airpoints Dollars per $100 (exclusive of GST) when they purchase eligible ADLS products.

Both ADLS and Air New Zealand are excited by the opportunities presented by this new partnership.

“Our Airpoints programme is unique because it is currency-based – we have ‘Airpoints Dollars’, rather than points or miles,” says Mark Street, Head of Customer Loyalty at Air New Zealand.

“With other airline rewards programmes, you don’t really know how much your points are worth until you try to redeem them. But with Air New Zealand, 1 Airpoints Dollar equals NZ$1, so it is easy to understand and use. So easy in fact, that 750,000 flights were taken in the past 12 months paid for using Airpoints Dollars.

“For us, working with ADLS presents a great opportunity for ADLS to reward its members (as well as non-member lawyers who use ADLS’s products and services) with Airpoints Dollars, and the rate at which they can earn Airpoints Dollars with ADLS represents a really good earn rate.”

ADLS President Brian Keene QC said: “We are very proud to have joined in this partnership with Air New Zealand, covering the legal sector nationally. It is really pleasing to be able to reward our customers – both members and non-member lawyers – with Airpoints Dollars. Almost everything that lawyers buy from ADLS will qualify with one or two very small exceptions. So whether it’s continuing professional development, text books, annual membership or tickets to ADLS’s popular collegiality events, members and non-member lawyers will be able to earn Airpoints Dollars in many ways.”

Airpoints for Business

While Air New Zealand’s Airpoints programme is already hugely popular, with 1.9 million members and counting, Airpoints for Business takes things to a new level. ADLS is pleased to be part of the Airpoints for Business initiative, joining other key business partners including Westpac, Bayleys, Avis, Budget, Umbrellar (New Zealand’s largest domain name registrar and web hosting company), Z and Mitre 10, with more partners coming on-stream over the coming months.

“We wanted to reward New Zealand small and medium-sized businesses (which would include many of New Zealand’s law firms) with Airpoints Dollars on business-related flights and purchases,” says Mr Street. “The person in the aircraft seat, doing the actual travelling, is not always the person who has paid for the ticket – and we wanted to reward those people as well.”

It works like this. A business owner or firm sets up an Air New Zealand Airpoints for Business account, and then invites others (such as employees) to become members of that account. When the business spends with an Airpoints for Business partner (for example when a law firm spends with ADLS), it will earn Airpoints Dollars. In addition, every time an employee travels on Air New Zealand, the business will be rewarded with bonus Airpoints Dollars on top of those accrued by the employee on his or her own Airpoints account. The business will receive the equivalent of 20 per cent of the value the traveller gets – for example, if the business’ employee earns 100 Airpoints Dollars in a trip, the business will get 20 Airpoints Dollars as well.

“There is no change to an individual’s Airpoints Dollar or Status Point earn,” says Mr Street. “The traveller continues to earn rewards as usual, with the bonus that their business receives additional Airpoints Dollars when their employees travel on eligible Air New Zealand flights for business purposes. Essentially, the business is getting a bonus.”

To celebrate the launch of Airpoints for Business, Air New Zealand is offering triple Airpoints Dollars for the Airpoints for Business account on eligible flights booked and travelled on between 16 September and 31 December 2015. This will mean that the business will get 60 per cent earn rate on Airpoints Dollars accrued by the individual traveller, as opposed to the usual 20 per cent.

Air New Zealand is also giving business customers who join the Airpoints for Business programme before 16 October 2015 the chance to win a business mentorship with one of five high calibre New Zealand business leaders including Villa Maria’s Sir George Fistonich, TV3’s Julie Christie, Dame Trelise Cooper and Whittakers’ Phillip Poole. All businesses which join before this date will automatically be entered into the draw.

Two ways to earn Airpoints Dollars with ADLS

1.  ADLS members and non-member lawyers who are Airpoints members can start earning
     Airpoints Dollars with ADLS straightaway, simply by registering their personal Airpoints
     membership details on our website here. Eligible purchases charged to their personal ADLS
     account or credit card will then automatically earn Airpoints Dollars.

2.  Law firms can earn Airpoints Dollars with ADLS under Air New Zealand’s new Airpoints for
     Business scheme on eligible purchases charged to their ADLS firm account or credit card.
     Firms must first join Airpoints for Business (visit to check
     eligibility and join) and then the lawyer who is the business owner simply needs to register their
     details with ADLS on the Airpoints for Business section on the ADLS website.

Airpoints for Business is free to join and there are no annual membership fees or minimum spend requirements. Lawyers practising on their own can also become part of the Airpoints for Business programme, says Mr Street: “It works for sole traders as well and enables them to earn bonus Airpoints Dollars on their travel.”

Once firms have started accruing Airpoints Dollars in their Air New Zealand Airpoints for Business account, there are various ways in which they can be used. Of course, they can be redeemed for future business related flights, but firms may also wish to transfer Airpoints Dollars to their employees as incentives, enabling them to purchase flights or other rewards such as Koru memberships and Airpoints Upgrades.

Frequently asked questions about how to earn Airpoints Dollars with ADLS

How can I start earning Airpoints Dollars with ADLS?

ADLS members and non-member lawyers must register their Airpoints membership details with ADLS here to start earning Airpoints Dollars on a range of ADLS purchases charged to their personal ADLS account.

Law firms must join Air New Zealand’s new Airpoints for Business programme and then register their Airpoints details with ADLS to be eligible to earn Airpoints Dollars with ADLS on purchases charged to their ADLS firm account. Terms and conditions apply: for Airpoints see; and for Airpoints for Business, see

What range of products and services supplied by ADLS will I be able to earn Airpoints Dollars on?

Airpoints Dollars can be earned on purchases of ADLS CPD, legal texts and publications, hard copy forms, a range of ADLS print subscriptions, ADLS ticketed collegiality events, ADLS venue and meeting room hireage fees, and ADLS membership subscription fees and membership cards. In addition, law firms which have joined Airpoints for Business and which have subscribed to WebForms will be able to earn Airpoints Dollars on WebForms forms purchases (excluding set up, licence and user fees).

Can I earn Airpoints Dollars on purchases of less than $100?

Airpoints Dollars earned on eligible ADLS purchases will be pro-rated and rounded to two decimal places, so for example, an ADLS Member spend of $50 (excl. GST) would earn two Airpoints Dollars.

Where do I find out more about earning Airpoints Dollars on ADLS purchases?

Click here for full details, terms and conditions of the ADLS Airpoints Dollars offer. If you have any further questions about the programme, please contact ADLS Member Services by emailing or phoning 09 303 5270. 

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