Using the new NZ driver licence for e-dealing proof of identity

ADLS’s Property Law Committee wishes to draw readers’ attention to the following advisory from LINZ regarding using New Zealand driver licences as proof of identity for e-dealing.

“It’s essential to show that the client photo ID you use to verify identity for e-dealing is current and not expired. For NZ driver licences this will now mean copying both sides.

“The NZ Transport Agency has recently changed the format for licences so that expiry dates are on the reverse side of all newly issued licences. We’ll need to see a copy of this side as well as the front so we can be certain that the licence is current.

“We understand you may have already used a newly issued licence for client identification without copying the reverse side. In these cases, you will not need to get a copy of the date and it will not trigger any compliance issues if the transaction is reviewed by LINZ – the new format means it will be clear to us that the licence has been recently issued and was therefore current at the time it was relied upon for identity verification. However, please do ensure you take a copy of both sides for any future transactions.”

Note: The Property Law Committee is also writing to the NZTA to suggest reinstating the expiry date back on the front of the licence when they are next re-designed. 

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