Committees “Thank you” evening, 23 October 2014

Last week, ADLS held its annual Committees “Thank you” evening – a chance for ADLS to show its appreciation of the work done by the 195 members of its 16 Committees throughout the year.

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ADLS President Brian Keene QC noted the importance of the work of the Committees and the contributions they have made to key initiatives and policy debates. He recognised the time commitment made by them to ADLS – some 37,000 hours have been contributed in the last year, free of charge and greatly to the benefit of the profession and users of the profession. In that one statistic, he said, “you can see why ADLS is doing so well”.

Mr Keene QC touched on a few highlights of the year, including the 63 CPD events successfully held, which came about through the efforts of the CPD Committee and CPD team at ADLS, and enabled some 7500 registrants to participate in continuing professional development. He also commended the work of the Documents and Precedents Committee which keeps ADLS’s stable of some 230 documents in “sparkling” condition.

He spoke of the importance of ADLS’s ongoing outreach to Christchurch and practitioners there, as well as the “Town and Gown” initiative, particularly with Auckland University, whereby ADLS is working to encourage young lawyers to participate in useful research and to discover more about what the practice of law is like.

Mr Keene QC said ADLS’s relevancy continues to be demonstrated by the range of influential organisations who actively engage with it, including the Ministry of Justice, the Courts, Law Commission, Auckland Council and the New Zealand Law Society. Mr Keene QC also noted the increasing media interest in the work of ADLS, with coverage on TV, the radio and in the papers.

Among the many achievements and Committee projects being celebrated on the night (some 77 in total) were:

  • the Documents and Precedents Committee released the Deed of Lease suite of five forms and the Ninth Edition (2) of the Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate and associated forms;
  • the Technology and Law Committee contributed to the Law News Technology and Law “Special Edition” in August 2014, comprising 11 technology-related articles;
  • the CPD Committee had a 40% increase in events when compared with the previous year. The overall quality of CPD events has greatly increased with many practitioners providing positive feedback;
  • the Property Law Committee scrutinised and commented on the New Zealand Real Estate Trust;
  • the Employment Law Committee administered the ADLS Employment Law Committee Pro Bono Assistance Scheme;
  • the Criminal Law Committee made submissions on the Chief Justice’s Review Panel for In-Court Media Consultation Paper and the Law Commission’s Issues Paper Review of the Laws of Contempt;
  • the Family Law Committee reinstated the ADLS Family Law Mentoring Scheme;
  • the Mental Health & Disability Law Committee administered the mental health lawyers roster for Auckland and South Auckland;
  • the Immigration & Refugee Law Committee lobbied immigration New Zealand regarding proposed “Industry Partner” Pilot;
  • the Commercial Law Committee made submissions on the Commerce Commission’s draft Unfair Contract Terms Guidelines and the Harmful Digital Communications Bill;
  • the Environment & Resource Management Law Committee made submissions on the draft Environment Court Practice note and also to the Auckland Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel;
  • the Courthouse Liaison Committee engaged with the Ministry of Justice to secure contact lists for court staff throughout New Zealand;
  • the Civil Litigation Committee engaged with the Minister of Justice regarding self-represented litigants.

The other highlight of the evening was the announcement that within the last financial year ADLS has reached 3,000 members, and, as of now, has 3,063 members. The work of the Committees, along with the efforts of the ADLS team as led by CEO Sue Keppel, made the achievement of this significant milestone possible.

For anyone interested in joining our busy Committees, please look out for invitations from Brian Keene QC which will be sent to all ADLS members towards the end of the year. For further information on any of the Committees please contact Helen Young on or 09 306 5744; or Ben Thomson on or 09 306 3994.

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