Fighting crime through sharing tax information

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne, Justice Minister  Judith Collins and Police Minister Anne Tolley have come together to spear head this initiative, opening  a consultation period in order to gauge public response on the issue.  

Inland Revenue is privy to certain information that could be helpful to other agencies in identifying and investigating serious crimes which are punishable by four or more years’ imprisonment.  

Such offences range from violent crime to wildlife smuggling,investor fraud and immigration scams.

Although protecting people’s tax secrecy would remain a top priority, Revenue Minister Peter Dunne explained “We also want common sense out comes that will benefit society in areas where there is a general consensus that information sharing would be useful.”

“It’s important for the Government to get the public’s views on sharing individual’s tax information between government agencies. We want to know what concerns people may have, and the safeguards people might want in place before any changes are made.”

People are invited to partake in an online survey of various scenarios, which will help elicit public feedback on the proposals.

A detailed discussion document is available online at

Alternatively, people may wish to make a formal written submission.

The online forum is at http:// with the consultation period open until 21 May. 

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