Mental Health & Disability

The ADLS Mental Health & Disability Law Committee is unique in its role in that it is responsible for the administration of the Auckland wide Mental Health rosters which ensure that all patients have access to legal advice. It proactively engages with the DHB’s to protect the interests of patients, it drafts the Best Practice Guidelines for mental health lawyers and organises a variety of educational events for the profession. It consults and lobbies actively with Government departments and has successfully safeguarded levels of mental health legal aid funding.

To consider any matters relating to mental health and disability law and practice affecting Members of ADLS and to report to the Council of ADLS on such matters.

To liaise directly with government agencies and institutions on mental health and disability law issues to promote good legal practice in the interests of the profession and the public.

To prepare submissions on behalf of ADLS on mental health and disability law issues and to liaise with the President on statements to the profession or the public.



Paul Gruar (Convenor)

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Office of Health and Disability Commissioner

Samuel Ames

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Barrister and District Inspector

Suzanne Clark

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Joan Davis

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Kate Diesfield


Paul Hannah-Jones

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Rebecca Keenan

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Auckland Disability Law

Olivia Kelly

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Auckland Disability Law

Susan Martell

I am a solicitor at Auckland Disability Law in Mangere. This is the first practice of its kind in New Zealand, and specializes in providing legal services to people in the disability community. My extra-curricular interests are therapeutic jurisprudence and its application to those in the criminal justice system with alcohol and other drug dependencies, and restorative justice.

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Darrell Ratima

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Auckland District Court

His Honour Judge P J Recordon


Anthony Rogers

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Patricia Scriven Law

Patricia Scriven

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Health Professional Legal Services Ltd

Michele Stanton

Michele has years of experience as a volunteer for charitable / philanthropic organisations including Rotary and the J R McKenzie Trust. Michele has expertise in relation to consumer advocacy, research ethics, occupational regulation and quality assurance in the financial services, education and health sectors.

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Alex Steedman

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Adrienne Wing

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