Civil Litigation

The ADLS Civil Litigation Committee is committed to maintaining access to justice in New Zealand, with a focus on litigation. To this end it monitors and reviews any proposed revisions of the Rules of Procedure, changes to costs, and the conduct of litigation. It ensures that the profession is kept appraised of developments in the District and High Court. It also provides practical education to lawyers on issues such as the use of technology in litigation.

The Civil Litigation Committee has practitioners from Civil and Criminal Bar. Monthly meetings are held although, of course, matters can be discussed as and when required. Members are assigned to specific tasks to deal with issues raised by practitioners who seek the Committees input – working within the Guidelines set by ADLS.

The committees purpose is to identify and discuss issues and bring these to the attention of the relevant bodies eg the Courts, the Judiciary Select Committee etc and also to make recommendations. In addition it also aims to promote the fair and proper administration of justice – and promote and ensure access to justice.

The work of the Civil Litigation Committee is diverse. This Committee continues to liaise with the Ministry of Justice over many relevant issues. There have been a number of notices placed in Law News seeking to inform practitioners – for example on the issue of confidentiality at judicial settlement conferences. Other such notices have sought feedback – such as the impact of the 2004 amendment to the High Court Discovery Rules. It is also to be noted that the Civil Litigation Committee has made various comment on such important matters as:

  • Proposed District Court Rules 
  • Proposed new High Court Rules and 
  • Rules of Conduct and Client Care for Lawyers – both written and oral submissions on the discussion paper produced by NZLS.

The Committee also continues to be in close contact with the Auckland High Court and District Courts through the various stakeholder committee meetings. One matter that has been the focus of a number of Committee meetings was the actual physical condition of the Auckland District Court. One of the members of the Committee prepared a comprehensive report on the condition of the Court and copies of the report along with photos provided the basis by which the ADLS Council could communicate directly with the Ministry of Justice - one of a number of issues relating to the Ministry’s “Greater Auckland Service Delivery Strategy”. 

Input from Profession:
We encourage fellow members to channel their concerns through the Secretary for the Committee or the Convenor for the Committee or fellow Committee members.

Martelli McKegg

Andrew Steele

Andrew Steele is an experienced civil and commercial litigator with over 25 years' experience. He has been a partner at Martelli McKegg since 2006. He was admitted to the High Court as a barrister and solicitor in 1988 and to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in 1992.

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Marian Hinde

Phone 09 366 7757 -

Gurbrinder Aulakh

Gurbrinder has more than 20 years of overseas and NZ experience in law. A lawyer at a High Court Bar in India, he was also elected to its executive committee. He has successfully represented clients at the High Court, District Court and Tribunals. He has served as the Chair, Deputy Chair and Advisor to organisations working with the Refugees and Migrants.

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Barrister, Cowan Street Chambers

Dennis Jenkin

Dennis Jenkin has 36 years of legal experience, 24 years as a Barrister Sole at Shortland Chambers, Auckland. He has a broad experience in all types of Civil litigation including many appearances in the different courts. He has given advice in connection with Arbitrations and Judicial Settlement Conferences.

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Heaney & Partners

Shyrelle Mitchell

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Lowndes Jordan

Stephanie Nicolson

Stephanie is a Senior Associate at Lowndes Jordan and has practiced as a civil litigator since 2003. She has acted in a wide variety of tortious and contractual disputes and assists senior members of the independent bar in trial and appellate courts. Stephanie has been a member of the ADLS Council since 2014 with a particular focus on younger members of the profession.

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Corban Revell

Lawrence Ponniah

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Philip Rzepecky

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Inland Revenue

Cloete Van der Merwe

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16 Feb 2018

Court Matters and Tribunals Powers and Procedures Legislation Bill

Submission on the Court Matters and Tribunals Powers and Procedures Legislation Bill

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23 Feb 2016

Standard Pre-trial Directions

Standard Pre-trial Directions

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