Seminars (attend in person)

ADLS’s seminars are run between 4pm and 6.15pm. Registrants will earn 2 CPD hours for their attendance.  (There is a 15-minute break in the middle of each seminar.)  

Seminars are generally held at an Auckland CBD location, which is confirmed closer to the seminar date. We take this approach in an endeavour to book an appropriate sized room to accommodate the number of registrants received. While we understand that lawyers’ schedules often lead them to book for a seminar at the last minute, it would be extremely helpful if you could book at least one clear week before the seminar date if at all possible.

Seminars (attend via live stream)

ADLS has recently invested in an industry leading e-delivery platform to enable it to provide live streaming from its two-hour seminars. This means that anyone can attend an ADLS seminar from anywhere, provided that they have a broadband internet connection. (Please read on for further specification information which might also be relevant to some). 

Live streaming essentially provides you with a ‘window’ into the seminar room via your computer or portable device. While ADLS endeavours to recreate the ‘being there’ experience in its webinars, this takes that experience to a new level (the ‘corporate box’ version, if you like!). You will see live video and hear live audio of the presenters. Relevant materials, such as the seminar paper and PowerPoint will be visible on your screen, in addition to the presenters. Interactive tools (similar to chat boxes) allow you to interact with the meeting host to ask questions of the presenters (which will be read out on your behalf). You can also chat with your fellow live stream attendees if you choose to resolve a query between yourselves. Technical support is available via in-session chat and phone.

Before the seminar, you will be sent an email containing instructions and a link so you can join the seminar at the allotted time. Simply click on the link to attend the seminar. We will broadcast music and an image 10 minutes before the seminar starts so that you can check that your connection and sound are working. This gives you time to contact us by telephone if there are any problems. 

It is important that your computer or device and internet connection are of sufficient specification to participate. Please check your set up with the applicable technical information which follows:

To participate via live stream there are two key requirements:

  • a modern device of sufficient specification (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) running an up-to-date verison of your preferred browser 
  • a broadband internet connection capable of 5Mbps download (fixed line broadband (ADSL/VDSL), fibre (Ultra Fast Broadband etc), or 3G/4G mobile broadband)

For assistance and to arrange a 5-minute test session please email or call 09 306 5747.


A webinar is a presentation delivered via the internet to your computer or portable device. Webinars generally last one hour.

ADLS endeavours to recreate the "being there" experience as to the greatest extent possible, working within the parameters of existing technology. You can both hear and see the presenter and any PowerPoint slides or other material referred to. You can ask the presenter questions via a live chat session and these are answered during the webinar (usually in the last 10 minutes of the session which is expressly set aside for questions).

Before the webinar, you will be sent an email containing some instructions and a link so you can join the webinar at the allotted time. Simply click on the link to attend the webinar. We will broadcast music and an image 10-15 minutes before the webinar starts so that you can check that your internet connection and sound are working. This gives you time to contact us by telephone if there are any problems.

Group bookings can be made for all our webinars. This enables members of the same organisation to view the webinar at discounted prices. (Click here to see how to make a group booking and to see our group discounts.)

CPD On Demand 

All ADLS CPD On Demand items comply with the CPD Rules. To produce CPD On Demand, we record our live webinars (and selected seminars) in high definition, then edit them to include pop-ups of relevant PowerPoint slides and related material. We also devise questions which, once answered, prompt the correct answer and underlying rationale to appear for immediate feedback. We also provide references to the recording, paper and legislation where material relating to the question is covered so that you may clarify any points raised. Completing the interactive questions enables you to earn the applicable CPD hour(s).

Our On Demand questions are not tests - there is no pass or fail. While we would obviously encourage you to answer the questions thoughtfully, you will still earn the appropriate CPD hour(s) regardless of the result. We keep a record only of the fact you have completed the questions to confirm that you have earned the CPD time. We do not retain results or pass them on to anyone else, including an employer.

We regularly update our CPD On Demand Listings and suggest you view this webpage for new recordings.