If you’ve registered for a webinar but can’t attend the live event, can viewing the recording count for CPD hour(s)?

The starting point in answering any question relating to earning CPD hours always lies with Rule 3.1(b) of the CPD Rules. For any event or activity to qualify as a CPD activity, there is a requirement (among other things) for there to be an interactive element. (Rule 3.1(b): “provides an opportunity for interaction and feedback”.) This requirement is satisfied during a live webinar as the participant has the ability to ask questions. So CPD hour(s) earned. However, it is lacking in a recording alone. So no CPD hour(s) earned.

Note, however, that all ADLS CPD On Demand items contain an interactive component. That is, all On Demand items appearing in our website have been edited, with questions inserted towards the end. Your answer to these questions trigger a response setting out the correct answer, the underlying legal principle or rationale for it and direction on where this was covered by the presenter(s) in the recording and/or written material so that you can revisit the point should you wish to.

Can On Demand webinars be counted towards CPD hours?

Yes! All ADLS CPD activities (including On Demand) are especially tailored to fully comply with the CPD Rules.

As noted in the answer to the preceding question, viewing a recording by itself without any interactive element would not qualify for CPD hours. However, all ADLS CPD On Demand items listed on our website have been ‘crafted’ to contain an interactive component (i.e. An interactive Q & A to be answered following the viewing of the recording. You may wish to read the response to the above question for further details.)

Care is needed to ensure that on demand items from other providers are CPD compliant.

How can I participate in ADLS CPD “in-house” without infringing copyright?

Having been practising lawyers, we are very familiar with the approach by law firms to send one lawyer to an external (e.g. an ADLS) seminar and then have that lawyer present an in-house follow up session for other lawyers of that firm who did not attend. We recognise that this assists law firms in managing their expenditure on CPD. Ordinarily, provided that the lawyer who attended the seminar does not copy and circulate the ADLS materials s/he received at it, then this practice does not breach copyright. It is therefore an acceptable practice.

Advances in technology have led some lawyers to cross the line into copyright infringement. This might typically take the form of registering only one lawyer from that law firm for a webinar, but then having other lawyers also watch the webinar. This is a clear infringement of ADLS copyright. ADLS has sought to work with law firms in managing expenditure on CPD by introducing very attractive rates for group bookings for webinars and CPD On Demand so that firms can legitimately include these valuable sessions in their in-house training programmes. In this way, ADLS can also work with these firms in recording verification of CPD hours for multiple attendees.

ADLS has recently invested in cutting edge technology to enable lawyers throughout New Zealand to participate in its seminars. Unlike its other online CPD activities, it has not introduced group pricing for live stream attendance at seminars, but it may review this in due course if it is able to on a financial level.

ADLS always strives to “do the right thing” by lawyers in endeavouring to retain its competitive CPD pricing – even in the face of increasing operating costs. In keeping with this, it requests that all lawyers “to do the right thing” in registering the correct number of attendees for remote viewing of its CPD events. Certainly, in view of its investment in live streaming technology, ADLS will become more vigilant in monitoring any infringement of its copyright by multiple viewing of events.

How is my attendance at an ADLS CPD event verified?

- For ADLS webinars and live streamed in person events, ADLS software recognises who has logged on to the session. ADLS will verify such attendance (group bookings excluded - please refer point below).

- For CPD On Demand, ADLS software recognises who has completed the Q & A which is embedded at the end of the On Demand recording  (group bookings excluded - please refer point below).

- For group bookings of live webinars and CPD On Demand, ADLS recommends that the booking co-ordinator sets up a sign-in sheet at the training room door to serve as a log and record of all participants. The co-ordinator can then use this sign in sheet as a point of reference when completing ADLS’s online ‘reconciliation’ (i.e. essentially, placing a ‘tick’ against the names on the list that appears in the reconciliation page on the ADLS website). 

- All records must be kept for a minimum of 3 years.

Why do i have to sign in to ADLS’s website?

By signing in to the ADLS website you can gain the ability to:

  • register for live CPD activities and collegiality events
  • purchase access to 'anywhere, anytime' On Demand activities
  • access and update your personalised CPD Plan & record
  • puchase from the ADLS store
  • access MyADLS portal and ADLS Member Benefits (exclusively for ADLS Members)

How do i sign up to register for CPD events and access my cpdpr?

If you have never used our website before you will need to ‘Sign Up’.  To do so, simply type in your work email address and click the ‘Sign Up’ button. Please note that we must have your preferred email address in our database to provide you with the appropriate access privileges and abilities. Please click here to update your details or call 09 303 5278 if you urgently require access.

You will then be sent a welcome email from us and be asked to verify your email address.  That email will include a link back to our website.  On that page you will be asked to create a password. From there, you can book events or access your CPDPR. 

To SIGN IN, simply enter your email address and password.
(Note that, the email address that you provide us will also appear in the New Zealand Lawyer’s Directory and our Find a Lawyer database.)
If you have any problems signing in or up, just call membership services on 306 3993 or email membership@adls.org.nz.

Why do PRESENTERS’ MATERIALS sometimes arrive only shortly before a CPD activity begins?

As soon as we receive the presenter’s materials for a CPD activity, we review and format them and then circulate them to attendees as quickly as we can. We understand that many of you would like to receive the materials the day before. However, our carefully chosen presenters are also very busy professionals. So, while we do understand your needs, we also have to respect our presenters’ existing commitments. We greatly appreciate your patience.  Rest assured that we will continue to get the materials to you as quickly as we can.

We always ask our presenters to provide a paper and a set of slides to support their presentation. Occasionally our presenters decide that a paper is not appropriate and they then provide more extensive slides.  If we know in advance that a paper will not be provided we will note that in our advertising synopsis.

Can ADLS’s Auckland events be accessed by people around NZ and overseas?

Yes! Almost all ADLS CPD in person activities (seminars, forums, workshops and conferences) are available for viewing in high definition (720p) via our custom, CPD compliant, New Zealand hosted live stream platform. As a result, legal professionals from throughout New Zealand and overseas are able to participate in ADLS's high quality in person CPD events. 

ADLS’s On Demand items, webinars and live streaming options provide access to relevant and meaningful CPD for practitioners who are situated outside of New Zealand’s main centres or who are overseas and, either need to complete their New Zealand mandatory CPD requirements, or want to keep up with NZ law. Our CPD On Demand complies with the CPD Rules and can be viewed anytime, anywhere (provided that you have a broadband internet connection) and on almost any device. 

What happens if i miss a live seminar or webinar?

If you are registered to attend a seminar or webinar and are likely to miss the event on the day due to work or other commitments, we may be able to help. 

Seminars: If you find that you are unable to attend a seminar, we suggest that you send someone from your office in your place. We will then transfer the booking and earned CPD hour(s) to that person.

Webinars: Again, if you find that you are unable to attend a seminar, we suggest that you send someone from your office in your place. We will then transfer the booking and earned CPD hour(s) to that person. If we record the event, we can provide you with an unedited video and audio file of the recording. Please note that this is unedited and does not reflect the quality of our On Demand service. Nor will you earn CPD hours simply by watching the unedited recording, as there will be no interactive component.  If we make the recording available as an On Demand item, then you can wait for the edited recording to become available, watch it and complete the questions.  You will then earn the appropriate CPD hour(s). 

I'm booking online and can't find a staff member in the staff list

Please either click here to submit their details, email membership@adls.org.nz or call (09) 303 5278 with the key details (name, email address, title and firm) of the staff who are missing.