ADLS endeavours to price its CPD competitively. Its member rates provide even greater value (compare for example, $125 + GST for members attending a seminar versus $180 +GST for non-members). However, it is conscious of budgetary constraints for employers incurring additional membership expenditure for their legal executives to join ADLS (usually at $214 +GST). ADLS has therefore taken steps to address this by introducing a discounted fee of $50 +GST per membership year for legal executives who are employed by a member of ADLS and who apply to join as Contributing Members. In addition, ADLS offers a pro rata reduction on membership fees for those joining part-way through the membership year (1 February – 31 January). For example, a legal executive who qualifies for this discounted rate in September would pay only $21 +GST to become a member.   

ADLS membership benefits for Legal Executives

The main membership benefit for legal executives will be accessing ADLS’s CPD at membership rates. ADLS prides itself on delivering CPD that is relevant, practical and topical – an excellent fit for legal executives. 

ADLS has also begun live-streaming its seminars. As a result, all ADLS CPD events (webinars, seminars and CPD complaint On Demand materials) can be accessed by legal executives throughout New Zealand via the Internet. (Of course, those in Auckland are encouraged to attend our seminars in person.) Find out how to join today


Legal executives can also use the FREE online ADLS CPDPR – (CPD Plan and Record tool). However, the ADLS CPDPR tool was built specifically to support lawyers in managing their mandatory CPD requirements.  Legal executives should note that:

  • the NZILE CPD year commences 1 July and finishes 30 June, so is not aligned with the NZLS CPD year for lawyers. For lawyers, the CPD year begins on 1 April and finishes on 31 March and it is this date that is reflected in the ADLS online CPDPR.
  • The different registered legal executive membership categories correspond to differing minimum CPD hourly requirements, and you must keep this in mind, when using the ADLS online CPDPR. The number of hours for registered legal executive membership categories required to undertake mandatory CPD are:
    • Fellow: 10 hours;
    • Associate 7.5 hours;
    • Affiliate 5 hours.

ADLS’s online CPDPR refers to a minimum of 10 hours, which is the requirement for NZ lawyers.