An effective way to manage office-wide compliance with the CPD Rules is to appoint a CPD Rep who, once authority is confirmed by the firm itself as part of ADLS’s application process, will be able to monitor staff’s progress in earning CPD hours through use of ADLS’s CPDPR.

A CPD Rep is not to be confused with a Group Booking Co-ordinator. The latter simply books and coordinates any particular group booking for a CPD event on behalf of the firm (or organisation), including completing the reconciliation once the CPD event has been participated in. Each role is further explained below.


A CPD Representative (CPD Rep) is a designated person (usually be a Practice Manager, Learning and Development Manager or senior lawyer) who has the authority to monitor CPD compliance by the firm’s (or organisation’s) staff, approve and book CPD events. Anyone wanting to become a CPD Rep must apply to ADLS confirming that they have their organisation’s authority to receive CPD Rep status. Click here to complete the application form

A CPD Rep can do three things: monitor CPD compliance; approve participation by staff members in ADLS and non-ADLS activities; and book ADLS events.

As mentioned above, CPD reps can monitor the progress of an organisation’s lawyers (including partners and principals) using ADLS’s CPDPR to ensure they complete a minimum of 10 hours of CPD activities throughout the CPD year. Our CPDPR therefore acts as a useful risk assessment tool. Provided that staff are using ADLS's CPDPR, relevant information will automatically appear in the CPD for Firms section (once the CPD Rep logs in). CPD Reps cannot see their staffs’ entire CPDPR. They can see each staff member’s CPD activity: shortlisted, booked, verified and completed ADLS events and completed non-ADLS events. They cannot see anyone’s learning needs, proposed actions, or reflections. (Although staff members can show anyone their full CPDPR by using the email in pdf function if they so choose.)

If approval is needed to book an event, the CPD Rep can approve ADLS and non-ADLS CPD activities staff have shortlisted in their CPDPRs. When a short-listed activity has been approved, the attendee will receive an automatically generated email to that effect and will see an "approved" icon over the activity in the shortlist column of their CPDPR.  The activity will then need to be booked.

The CPD Rep can book ADLS CPD activities simply by selecting from a list of staff or searching by email address.  
Click here to find out how to book a CPD event for one person.


A Group Booking Co-ordinator may make a group booking on behalf of other staff members of the same firm or organisation. A Group Booking Co-ordinator does not have access to, and therefore cannot see, any elements of any individual’s CPDPR.


Group bookings enable a group from one organisation to view live webinars and/or CPD On Demand items collectively. Because the objective is for collective viewing, only one access link is provided for group bookings. Aside from the benefit of great discounts, group bookings enhance the learning experience by removing attendees from office distractions and by creating the opportunity for an additional forum (i.e between colleagues) in which to discuss the legal issues further.

Pricing brackets have been created for the following group sizes: 2, 3, 4-5, 6-10, and 11+. Click here to view group rates.


Any person who wishes to nominate themselves for the task, can make a group booking on behalf of members of their organisation. To book, simply go to the desired CPD event under the “CPD Calendar” or the “CPD On Demand” tabs. Once opened, click the Book/Purchase button then select the 'Booking for a group from my firm' tab.

When making a group booking, you can enter a ‘tick’ against the names of those who have indicated that they will attend and/or nominate the number unnamed attendees. Identified attendees will receive the usual confirmation and reminder correspondence from ADLS. The activity will also be automatically logged in their ADLS CPDPRs. It is your responsibility to notify unidentified attendees of the time, date and location of the event. 

We recommend that your have a "sign in" sheet set up at the door for a group viewing. This will allow you to keep track of who attended on the day and that will assist with reconciling attendance. You should retain this "sign in" sheet because NZLS may ask to see it as part of an audit. The Rules states that verification documents (such as sign-in sheets) should be retained for three years. (Click here to download a template.)

For assistance with group bookings please email or call (09) 303 5278.


  1. Have your list of attendees handy.
  2. Head over to 'CPD for Firms' (page will open in a new window).
  3. Select 'Confirm Online Attendees for Group Bookings'. If you do not see this option please email or call 09 303 5278
  4. A list of pending group booked activities will be displayed. Click the 'Verify' button adjacent to the activity you wish to reconcile.
  5. A list of staff will be displayed. Select the tick box next to the name of those who attended and click 'Continue' then 'Confirm' - all done!
  6. Attendees will receive an email confirming their participation and the activity will automatically populate their personal online CPD Plan & Record complete with suggested learning reflections.

Note: If the number of attendees exceeds that of the initially booked bracket a charge will apply.


ADLS cannot verify who attended the group viewing of its own online events. The CPD Rep or Co-ordinator must verify attendance. Verification is simple. Log in and go to the ‘CPD for firms’ tab. Select ‘Confirm online attendees for group bookings’. Click on the ‘verify’ button of the relevant CPD event. A list of staff members will appear. By reference to the sign-up sheet, tick off those staff who attended the event and then click ‘continue’.  A reconciliation summary window will appear listing those staff you say attended the event. You will be asked to confirm that list (or you can go back if you made an error). A window then appears informing you that those staff members will be sent an email from us acknowledging your confirmation of their attendance at the event. 

If more staff members attended than you had anticipated elevating your group booking into the next group bracket, then you will be invoiced for the additional charge and the online system will take you to the payment window to process this.

Note that ADLS will not confirm attendance in breach of its copyright. We ask that people be mindful of the terms of the licence to view online activities. Access is made available on a good faith basis and we ask that people respect our intellectual property rights.