ADLS has created an easy-to-use online CPDPR template to help you comply with the Rules.  Lawyers particularly appreciate the prompts for ‘learning needs’ and ‘actions’ within this tool which they simply select. They also appreciate the auto-population of suggested learning outcomes in the reflections area for ADLS CPD events that they have attended for you to review and edit as neccsary. You can use the ADLS online CPDPR to record and track your ADLS as well as non-ADLS CPD activities. Once created, it will be stored securely online and you can access, update, or change it at any time, anywhere.  It is available free of charge to both ADLS members and non-members alike.


First, you need to ’sign up’ or ‘sign in’ to our website. Then click on the My CPDPR section of the CPD Portal. From here you can create, amend or update your CPDPR ... or browse and book or shortlist ADLS activities (see below for an explanation of the shortlist function) and add non-ADLS activities ... or complete a post-activity reflection. Just follow those 3 easy steps. (Even if you have never accessed it before, your CPDPR will already contain the ADLS CPD events you have already attended since November 2013. Those details are entered automatically by our software.)

You can record all of your CPD on our CPDPR. Any CPD provided by your own organisation, another provider or other source can be manually entered into your ADLS CPDPR.  Note the difference with ADLS CPD activities is that they will be automatically logged on your CPDPR, so if you have booked and attended an ADLS course, it’s even easier! There is a facility for you to convert this online CPDPR into a pdf to print for your records and/or to email on to anyone you chose, such as the Practice Manager. Remember that you must retain your CPDPR and verification records for a minimum of 3 years.

Only you can see your entire CPDPR. Your firm will be able to see the status of your CPD hours and also the activities you have shortlisted, booked and completed. They will not be able to access your learning needs, proposed actions or reflections. (ADLS also cannot see details of your CPDPR. )