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This On Demand webinar will provide guidance on resolving commercial disputes in a way which involves analysing commercially and legally viable solutions in order to deliver optimum results for your clients.

While focusing on providing practical tips on effective techniques to use in the process of dispute facilitation, our presenter shares insights into the future direction of dispute resolution. He contrasts interest-based approaches with those that are rights-based, to provide you with valuable advice regarding the best tools to use in different situations. 

Our presenter has drawn on his previous experience as a commercial barrister and businessman to arrive at excellent results using an early dispute resolution facilitation model that sits outside the traditional framework. He shares insights into his experience of this during the session

Learning Outcomes

During this On Demand webinar you will learn:

  • the shift in role results-focused lawyers need to take in the dispute resolution process;
  • early facilitation options and processes lawyers need to be aware of and explain to clients;
  • what lawyers should expect from a facilitator and mediator;
  • strategies and techniques for dealing with  difficult parties; and
  • how facilitation, mediation and adjudication fit together and complement each other.

Who should watch

This will be highly valuable for all commercial lawyers, litigators and general practitioners.

Feedback from the live event

"Great presentation – articulate and sensible."

"Interesting topic with insights from discourse communities outside law which were of immediate practical benefit to lawyers with a practice encompassing ADR. An excellent seminar, thanks."


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Paul Sills
Mediator, Barrister & Facilitator

Paul Sills is the founder of Carrington Sloane & Co Limited. The company specialises in the early resolution of disputes. Paul is a practising barrister with a speciality in dispute avoidance. He is also an accomplished business leader, running a diverse range of companies encompassing global health care and international freight.

Paul has a unique understanding of the challenges that people face in conflict situations and is reinventing the way that we resolve disputes. Having seen first hand the effect of protracted litigation on the parties involved, Paul is using that knowledge and his expertise with litigation to encourage legal advisors and their clients to embrace an early facilitation resolution model.

Rather than place this model in the category of “alternative” dispute resolution, Paul believes that it should be the first port of call for all disputes.

Paul is passionate about working with parties to bring about sustainable changes that guide them towards a resolution of their dispute, allowing all involved to achieve a more balanced and rewarding life. He achieves this through a unique blend of expertise in human relationships and interaction coupled with compassion and empathy for the problems faced by parties as they struggle to deal with the problems that arise in their lives.