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Communicating effectively with clients is core to what lawyers do. If you do it well, you will have a happy client prepared to pay your bills, will give you repeat instructions and recommend you to others.  If you do it poorly you may lose the client, end up with a complaint to the Law Society and be exposed to a claim.

Communication 360x 252

This On Demand webinar focuses on the process of communicating 
effectively. Establishing trust, observing and listening to the client, and noting what the client would like to achieve, are core to the process. Confirming the client’s instructions, leaving with an action plan as to the scope, time line and likely cost and summarising the steps each has to take are also vital elements. The importance of understanding the client’s business needs and becoming more client-centric cannot be underestimated.

Learning Outcomes

During this On Demand webinar you will learn:

  • what effective communication is;
  • why it is important;
  • how to communicate effectively;
  • communicating difficult legal issues;
  • the importance of listening to the process; and
  • formulating a communication action plan.            

Who should watch

This On Demand webinar is vital for all lawyers who would like to improve their understanding of clients, their needs and the benefits of improved communication with clients.

Feedback from the live event

"Mr. Mackintosh spoke well and was easy to listen to."


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John Mackintosh
John Mackintosh Consultant Ltd

John Mackintosh is a lawyer with years of experience communicating with clients. Today he focuses on helping professional firms with their practice management issues.

He has presented many seminars and workshops for a range of organisations including NZLS and the Auckland District Law Society, and is the current director of Stepping Up, a compulsory course for lawyers wishing to practise on their own account.