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The Inland Revenue (IRD) has a presence in almost everyone’s lives and yet it remains an enigma when looking to assist a client in dealing with a dire tax situation. Are you aware of how to most effectively and appropriately approach IRD in order to achieve the best result for a client seeking to make an arrangement or compromise?

This On Demand webinar provides a unique opportunity to receive insights and guidance from three compelling perspectives: that of an experienced tax law and taxpayer defence barrister; a specialist in management support for businesses in distress; and the IRD’s (former prosecutor now) principal advisor.

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Learning Outcomes

Registrants will receive invaluable guidance on how best to assist clients who find themselves in a difficult tax situation. In particular, they will:

  • gain insight into the statutory, practice and attitudinal landscape;
  • learn techniques for gaining a full understanding of the context and all details;
  • receive pragmatic tips on how best to communicate  the client’s situation to IRD and assemble information for a go-forward position; and
  • understand matters to consider when documenting a settlement.

On Demand feedback received

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Geoff Clews
Barrister, Old South British Chambers

Geoff is a Barrister Sole in Auckland specialising in tax law and taxpayer defence. He is an experienced tax litigator and represents individual and corporate clients at all stages of the investigation and statutory dispute resolution processes conducted by the IRD, and before the Courts at all levels. Geoff’s work also often involves negotiations concerning tax liabilities ahead of corporate insolvency, litigation intended to forestall liquidation or bankruptcy at the hands of the IRD, and disputes as to director liability for company tax liabilities following liquidation.

Nigel Foster
Director, Armillary Management Limited

Over the last 20 years Nigel has developed a professional services practice providing governance and management advice to businesses in a wide range of sectors throughout New Zealand. In many cases his services are sought by businesses going through a period of operational/financial distress. This can often be at the suggestion of a banker or other concerned creditor.

This work typically involves the need to assess the financial position and prospects of the client - make a judgement call about viability - then to engage with the broader stakeholder group (including creditors) to seek support through to a new point of stability and prosperity. The engagement with the creditor group usually involves the presentation of a range of information (including but not limited to financial information) as the foundation for putting in place deferred settlement arrangements for overdue debt.

Phil Latimer
Principal Advisor, IRD

Phil is currently a Inland Revenue Principal Advisor, providing technical, legal and commercial advice to the Collections group which is responsible for bringing in outstanding debt and tax returns.

His previous roles with Inland Revenue include acting as a solicitor representing the Commissioner on child support, debt, prosecutions and insolvency proceedings in Family, District and High Courts. Prior to that, Phil helped develop tax policy in what used to be the Policy Advice Division.