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ADLSI’s Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate and the Particulars and Conditions of Sale of Real Estate by Auction or Tender have each had important changes made to their front pages, GST Schedules and associated clauses. This On Demand webinar explains what changes have been made to these forms and the reasons for those changes. It discusses the warranties that exist in respect of the parties’ GST registration and demonstrates the importance of filling out the relevant parts of the agreements, especially the schedules.

A sample copy of the ADLSI’s revised Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate will be provided to registrants to follow while hearing from Peter Nolan, who drafted the changes to the agreements, and Eugen Trombitas, expert in GST and compulsory zero-rating (CZR).                                                                              

Learning Outcomes

Participants in this On Demand webinar will:

  • become familiar with the changes to the standard forms;
  • gain a deeper understanding of the implications of GST registration for the sale and purchase process; and
  • be better able to use the forms to protect their clients’ interests during the sale and purchase process.

Feedback from the live event

"Thanks to the presenters. This is very difficult and important issue, and the dissemination of information regarding it is much appreciated."



Peter Nolan
Sole Practitioner


Eugen Trombitas

Partner, PwC