Thu 30 April | 4:00PM - 5:30PM | Your desk or on your portable device

Synopsis - more details to follow

Covering two topics of importance for all litigators, this seminar will provide a refresher and updater on contempt of court and judicial recusal.

With new legislation on the law of contempt, the potential for contempt – and the need for lawyers to deal with potential contempt issues – will increase once the Act takes effect later this year.

In a country the size of Aotearoa, the need for judicial recusal would seem to be great – but proper procedures and various guidelines exist, and the threshold for recusal is high. 

Learning outcomes

In respect of contempt of court:

  • Become apprised of the coverage, scope and application of the Contempt of Court Act 2019, with particular focus on publication contempt (for example, involving the media and name suppression).
  • Receive insights into how potential contempt issues might arise (for example, the taking of photographs in a court waiting area), and how to avoid or at least manage them.
  • Benefit from finding out about real-life examples, and the learnings from those.
  • In respect of judicial recusal:
  • Improve your understanding of when recusal is and is not required, and of the appropriate procedures and applicable guidelines. 

Who should attend?

Litigators of all levels of experience. 

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Robert Stewart
Barrister, Shortland Chambers


The Honourable Kit Toogood QC