New-look Societies and Trust Board Registers – What you Need to Know (On Demand)

Recorded Webinar 1 CPD Hr
Your desk or portable device


A Companies Office representative guides you through the changes to the new registers for incorporated societies and charitable trusts, and provide a heads-up as to what’s ahead.

The incorporated societies and charitable trusts registers were migrated to a new platform in September this year. The new platform now provides a new look and feel to the registers that is more consistent with our other Companies Office websites, offers a range of new online services for our customers, as well as increased security. 

While the new register is more user-friendly, you will benefit from some guidance about what’s changed. This On Demand webinar helps smooth the transition.

Learning outcomes

  • Find out the key changes to the societies and trusts websites – how you will access and use the registers.
  • Learn about how applications are processed in the new system.
  • Gain insights into how the new registers can increase your productivity and save you time, so you can get back to ‘real law’ more quickly. 

Who should view?

Any legal professional who deals with incorporated societies and charitable trusts:  general practitioners, commercial lawyers, legal executives, etc (regardless of the level of experience).
Those with holding responsibilities for such bodies, such as office holders and accountants, would also benefit from attending.

Order timeframe

Access details will be delivered via email within 15 minutes.


Rebecca Corne
Senior Business Advisor App & Data Business Registry Services
Companies Office

Rebecca’s key focus for the past year has been the Incorporated Societies and Charitable Trusts register refresh project, where she has worked closely with the project team on the development of the new register platform, while supporting various stakeholders with the transition to the new registers.

Prior to this, Rebecca was involved in the implementation of the New Zealand Business Number Register after the introduction of the New Zealand Business Number Act in 2016, and led the implementation of its operational support team.

Kathy Matthews
Senior Stakeholder Engagement Advisor, New Zealand Companies Office

Kathy joined the Companies Office in February 2019, after pursuing an exciting work opportunity in the Middle East for the past 7 years.

Soon after joining she became the Stakeholder Engagement lead for the Companies Register Authority Model enhancements, which went live in September this year.  During the project she worked closely with the Companies Office project team, and a select customer-base, who participated in user testing and a restricted pilot prior to general release.

Kathy is passionate about representing our customer’s voice in all Companies Office projects, and considers customer engagement to be instrumental when preparing to introduce changes on our registers.