Wed 26 February | 12:00PM - 1:00PM | Your desk or portable device


There are lots of parcels of land in New Zealand with subdivision potential. Some of these are part of family homes and investment properties.

In this practical webinar Denham Martin will examine common income tax and GST issues that arise when land is subdivided.

Learning outcomes

  • Receive insight into the meaning and importance of key tax concepts that arise with subdivisions, like “minor work”, “significant expenditure”, “taxable activity”, the time a “scheme” of subdivision “commences”, and who can be “participants” in such a scheme.
  • Learn what types of “work” can give rise to a subdivision for taxation purposes and what statutory and practical “thresholds” are relevant in this context.
  • Greater understanding about what amounts to the carrying on of a “business” or “taxable activity” of subdividing land, in contradistinction to other types of land-related activities (like dealing and development).
  • Be aware of the nature and scope of relevant tax exemptions applying to subdivision activity.

Who should attend?

All practitioners involved with land subdivisions and related transactions. Property lawyers and legal executives, trust lawyers, commercial lawyers, and general practitioners advising clients on property investment strategies.



Denham Martin
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