Civil Litigation Series: Discovery & Interrogatories - Developments & Strategy (Webinar)

Webinar 1 CPD Hr
Wed 20 May | 1:00PM - 2:00PM | Your desk or portable device


The steps taken (or not taken) in a proceeding can make or break a case. This webinar considers two important steps - discovery and interrogatories. It will provide an update on developments and highlight strategic considerations.

Learning outcomes


  • Receive an update on privilege, and guidance on whether to attack privilege.
  • Become aware of issues relating to lay litigants.
  • Benefit from guidance on deciding whether to seek further discovery.


  • Improve your understanding of the circumstances in which interrogatories may be issued and strategic issues impacting on whether they should be issued (and the alternatives to interrogatories).

Who should attend?

All lawyers involved, or potentially involved, in discovery and/or interrogatories.


Peter Wright
Shortland Chambers

John Land
Bankside Chambers