Mon 24 February | 4:00PM - 5:30PM | Your desk or on your portable device


With out-of-court settlements the norm for the disposal of most litigation in New Zealand, and negotiation in one or more of its forms often playing a part, your clients rely on you knowing when and how to negotiate - and doing it well.

From the perspectives of negotiator and viewing negotiations, this seminar will cover timing, approaches, methods, preparation, ethics and formalities.   

Learning outcomes

  • Become better informed about when to enter negotiations and how to assess the best way to achieve a settlement in a particular case. 
  • Review the forms which negotiation can take.
  • Become better apprised of the many factors required for preparing to negotiate well.
  • Gain insights into particular aspects of negotiation, such as identifying your BATNA, dealing with difficult people and managing asymmetry of information. 
  • Refresh your knowledge of ethical obligations and issues in this context.
  • Delve into the formalities involved with negotiation, including the appropriate use of ‘without prejudice’ and documenting any agreement reached. 

Who should attend?

All those involved in negotiations, particularly litigators (civil, commercial, family, employment, environment, criminal etc) at junior to intermediate level and those more senior seeking a refresher; general practitioners who do some litigation work and those in other areas (eg property) would also benefit from attending.

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Lady Deborah Chambers QC

Mark Kelly
Barrister and Commercial Mediator
Bankside Chambers