Future Planning: Preparation before Selling the Family/Small Business (Webinar)

Webinar 1 CPD Hr
Wed 20 November | 12:00PM - 1:00PM | Your desk or portable device


Globally, 80% of businesses are family owned, however only 25 to 30% of these businesses will successfully transfer to the second generation.

New Zealand has one of the highest incidences of business ownership (per head of population) in the OECD. Recent NZ research concluded that many businesses owned by “Baby Boomers” will be brought to market in the coming years, but that little planning has been undertaken by their owners.

There will be more sellers than buyers, emphasising the need to ensure that businesses are well prepared to ensure a successful outcome. Creating a succession plan that works best for all family members involved requires a multi-disciplinary approach. While business succession plans are bespoke, there are some common principles that can help owners create a plan that will assist in achieving a sale.

This webinar will delve into those principles focusing on preparation for sale, compare sale processes, discuss the value of the business, the role of management and working with advisors.

Learning outcomes

  • Gain an increased understanding of the role of management in the succession process.
  • Learn more about the changing dynamics around business values.
  • Gain insights into advising clients on preparation for sale and the various sale processes.

Who should attend?

All lawyers representing owners of small businesses or family owned businesses.

Accountants, trust lawyers and those involved in estate planning may find this useful. 


Tim Howe
Ocean Partners

Tim has over 25 years corporate finance and investment banking experience in both the local and international markets, and has extensive experience providing strategic advice to families on establishing family investment structures to endure intergenerational wealth transfer, the strategic issues of family business succession and governance of family businesses.

A former Partner of Ernst & Young and a Director of the firms national Corporate Finance Group for six years, Tim had a national responsibility for the firms mergers and acquisition practice, working with many families and the businesses that they own to develop and manage their succession plans.       

Tim is a regular presenter to both national and international audiences on family business succession and the challenges of establishing multi-generational wealth transfer structures in an evolving market (New Zealand is considered a youthful market compared with the likes of Europe where businesses may be in the 10th generation). 

Tim has a Bachelor of Commerce and Management from Lincoln University.  

Sarah Ott
Ocean Partners

Sarah is a Partner of Ocean Partners with over 20 years corporate finance and transaction advisory experience, working as a trusted advisor to a number of family business owners and investors assisting with their structuring, governance and succession matters.  Sarah also chairs the board of a significant family investment vehicle.

A former Executive Director of the Ernst & Young Corporate Finance Group, Sarah has also held a senior management role within a national logistics company and commenced her financial advisory career with Deloitte in the Christchurch Assurance Group. 

Sarah is a regular presenter on family business succession and the increasing challenges around the intergenerational transfer and management of family wealth. 

Sarah is a Chartered Accountant and graduated from Lincoln University with a Bachelor of Commerce and Management.