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New Zealand’s human rights framework is directly relevant to a surprisingly large number of practice areas yet it is often underutilised in civil litigation.

This On Demand webinar is designed to assist practitioners in applying New Zealand’s human rights legislation, including NZ’s international treaty obligations.

It provides insights into how this can enhance legal advocacy and advance human rights more generally. 

Learning outcomes

  • Understand better the relevance and application of the human rights framework in a number of legal contexts and how the use of relevant legislation can help to improve your clients case.
  • Learn more about statutory interpretation and human rights principles so as to improve your advocacy and the likelihood of a positive outcome.
  • Gain insights into the role of the Human Rights Commission as an intervener in cases that raise human rights issues.

Who should view?

All civil litigators who may from time to time have cases where human rights are involved.

Order timeframe

Access details will be delivered via email within 15 minutes.


Frances Joychild QC

Frances Joychild is a Queens Counsel whose practice includes a speciality in public and human rights law. 

She has practised from Auckland as a barrister for the last 22 years with a three year stint as a Law Commissioner.

Prior to that she worked as an investigator and then counsel for the Human Rights Commission. 

John Hancock
Senior Legal Adviser
Human Rights Commission

John is a Senior Legal Adviser at the Human Rights Commission. In that role, he has co-ordinated a number of the Commission’s interventions in major human rights cases in recent years.

Prior to that, he was Principal Adviser (Legal) at the Office of the Children’s Commissioner. He has also practiced as a Youth Advocate in the Auckland Youth Court and was the senior supervising solicitor at YouthLaw.

He also has extensive experience in law reform work and reporting related to New Zealand’s international human rights obligations.