Tue 12 November | 12:00PM - 1:00PM | Your desk or portable device


A company constitution is often considered to be a standard template document, but the type of document which is suitable to a particular company can differ significantly and will be influenced by factors like:

  • whether there is a separate shareholders’ agreement;
  • whether there are different types of shareholders (including whether the company has financial investors);
  • the number of shareholders (key thresholds being 10 and 50);
  • whether the company is a Code Company under the Takeovers Code or listed on the stock exchange; and
  • whether the company is a subsidiary.

This webinar will cover the key variables which will be influenced by these factors, including issues like:

  • whether pre-emptive provisions are appropriate for share transfers and new share issuances;
  • different approaches to pre-emptive provisions;
  • what are ‘drag along’ and ‘tag along’ provisions, are they desirable and what are the suitable thresholds for them to apply?;
  • different approaches to governance, including how the board of directors is appointed; and
  • what decisions should require approval of a special majority and whether that should be at board or shareholder level.

Learning outcomes

  • Improve your understanding of the factors that will influence the type of constitution that will be right for a particular company.
  • Gain insights into the resulting key variables for your client.
  • Enhance your knowledge of how to tailor your constitution for the specific type of client for whom you are acting.

Who should attend?

Corporate/Commercial lawyers and general practitioners.

Accountants and directors may also benefit from attending.


Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis Law

Igor Drinkovic
Senior Associate