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For those practising in criminal law, exploring these important topics*: 

  • Dealing with the Crown
  • Jury Vetting
  • The Right to Silence 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the concept of jury vetting, gain a practical understanding of the Juries Act 1981, and discover what you as a practitioner could be doing differently to make the most out of available challenges.
  • Learn more about the right to silence, how to avoid pitfalls when running a trial, and what prosecutors and judges are allowed to say about your client saying nothing, with a focus on ss 32 and 33 of the Evidence Act 2006.
  • Gain a better understanding of how the Crown applies the Solicitor-General’s guidelines when making decisions on whether or not to prosecute and the impact of the specific guidelines for prosecutors on dealing with victims.

 Who should view?

All lawyers practising in criminal law.

Order timeframe

Access details will be delivered via email within 15 minutes.


Warren Pyke

Specialises in appellate advocacy. Over 27 years of experience Has conducted upwards of 100 appeals in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Represented defendants in a range of serious criminal matters, including homicides, fraud, conspiracy and sexual offence cases. Joined the independent bar in 1994, after practising for a number of years as a solicitor in general litigation practice in Wellington and the Bay of Plenty. 

Frequently acts in civil, commercial and professional disciplinary matters and he has appeared as counsel for the New Zealand Law Society in disciplinary proceedings. Well-known presenter of legal education seminars and has lectured in civil procedure at Waikato University.

Scott McColgan
Matai Chambers

Scott McColgan was a senior Crown prosecutor in the Specialist Criminal Group of Meredith Connell, the Office of the Auckland Crown Solicitor, with a background in serious and complex trials mainly in the organised crime area.

He has worked for the Crown for the last 14 and from July 2016 Mr McColgan was appointed Special Counsel at Meredith Connell. In doing so he became part of Meredith Connell’s leadership group.

Scott has also lectured at the Auckland University for Forensic Science students, the Royal New Zealand Police College and many NZ Police CIB training events.

Scott moved to the independent bar in January 2019 and is based at Matai Chambers in Auckland.

Stephen Iorns

Stephen Iorns is a barrister based in Wellington, with a litigation practice covering both civil and criminal law. Since 2012 Stephen’s practice has serviced exclusively private clients, which has seen significantly more resources available for defence work compared with those available to legally aided parties.

The ability for an enhanced litigator’s toolkit saw Stephen establish Jury Selection Services Limited to provide detailed analysis of the jury panel list in his own trials. The process of establishing Jury Selection Services Limited and assisting other lawyers with jury analysis has given Stephen a unique perspective of the jury system in New Zealand. 


Her Honour Judge Pippa Sinclair