Tue 12 March | 4:00PM - 6:15PM | Your desk or on your portable device


For a company wishing to start up or take off, raising sufficient investment capital can be critical – but also challenging. What does the law proscribe and permit? What investment options are available? What issues should be addressed during the negotiation phase? What course should the investment process follow? What should the paperwork look like? When might nominee companies be used?

Those acting for investment-seekers and investors alike will be able to upgrade their advice after attending this seminar. 

Learning outcomes

  • Acquire a better understanding of the Financial Markets Conduct Act exemptions under which equity capital can be raised without a regulated disclosure document. 
  • Gain insights into the ecosystems in New Zealand for raising capital from private investors or the crowd.
  • Receive guidance on typical terms for an investment by sophisticated private investors or the crowd (including different share rights and control influence, where applicable).
  • Improve your understanding of the investment process. 
  • Enhance your knowledge of the investment documentation required.
  • Probe into the potential use of nominee companies.

Who should attend?

General practitioners as well as intermediate to senior commercial lawyers seeking to further develop their core skills. Accountants and financial advisers would also benefit from attending.

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Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis Law

Daniel Wong
Flacks & Wong

Robbie Paul
Head of Icehouse Ventures
CEO ICE Angels
Managing Partner Tuhua Ventures, The Icehouse

Robbie is CEO of Icehouse Ventures, the investment arm of the Icehouse. Icehouse Ventures includes a variety of early stage funds including Tuhua Ventures, Eden Ventures, First Cut Ventures, and Flux Accelerator. It also includes Ice Angels, the largest and most active investment network in Australasia, and Arc Angels, a network that invests specifically in female-led startups. These entities have collectively invested $103m into 160 New Zealand startups since 2004.

Robbie is a founding investor in both Tuhua Ventures I and II and >50 other kiwi startups including Parrot Analytics, Crimson Education, PowerbyProxi, Halter, Mint Innovation, and Avertana.

Simeon Burnett
CEO and Co-founder
Snowball Effect 

Prior to co-founding Snowball Effect, Simeon held a number of different roles at Fonterra, gaining extensive experience in M&A, external fundraising, international business strategy development and financial portfolio management.

He is passionate about building businesses and the New Zealand capital markets, and loves getting away to a remote beach with his family. 


Jeremy Muir