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The Half-Day Conference again provides practically focused sessions on a range of pertinent and interesting property law topics presented by experts in their fields.  It is of value to all those practising in the area of property law.

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Commercial Leases: Rental Issues and Considerations
Tara Wylie, Senior Associate, Simpson Grierson
Reid Quinlan, Director, Seagers
Rhys Smith, Manager, Realserve 

From initial negotiations to the questions of reviews and renewals, setting a fair rental can pose problems to both landlord and tenant.This session will consider issues surrounding the question of rental in the context of commercial leases with input from a property lawyer, a surveyor and valuer and cover initial negotiations as well as rent reviews and lease renewals.

Common Property Ownership and Incorporated Societies
Joanna Pidgeon, Partner, Pidgeon Law

The use of incorporated societies as a form of common property ownership is nothing new but it is on the rise in a variety of different developments, both commercial and residential. This session will explore the use of incorporated societies as an alternative title in fee simple subdivisions and why it may (or may not) have advantages over other more widely used forms of communal ownership. 

John Handcock Goes Digital
Dr David Harvey, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland
Joanna Pidgeon, Partner, Pidgeon Law   

Digital signing is a major development for property (and other) lawyers and will enhance the ease and speed at which agreements and documents may be signed. This session will look at aspects of digital signing generally.

Some Health and Safety Considerations for Property Lawyers 
Garth Gallaway, Partner, Chapman Tripp
Tim Clarke, Partner, Bell Gully
Simon Paykel, Director, Maynard Marks 

With legislation already in force for earthquake-prone buildings and coming into effect for asbestos, health and safety concerns for property lawyers are on the rise. This session will look at the interface of property law and health and safety, providing a review of the legal framework and guidance on issues that property lawyers may face.

Methamphetamine, Smoke Alarms and Unlawful Tenancies
Mark Robinson, Principal, Sandringham Law

Dealing with compliance and regulatory issues relating to matters such as smoke alarms and methamphetamine places more obligations on residential landlords. Residential tenants also have a role to play in observing their obligations given that recent law changes aim to make properties safer and more habitable.  

An unsatisfactory legal position currently exists around unlawful tenancies as the Act does not cover properties which cannot lawfully be used for residential purposes. Being able to advise landlords and tenants on these aspects of residential tenancy law is an important tool for property lawyers.  

Claims against Property Lawyers
Peter Nolan, Barrister and Solicitor
Jeno Capo, Technical Manager, Financial Lines, NZI

It is the dread of any lawyer to have a negligence claim brought against them. This session, presented by a property lawyer and a Professional Indemnity insurer, will look at the areas where claims most often occur, why they occur and advice on avoiding them in the first place.


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Tara Wylie
Senior Associate
Simpson Grierson

Reid Quinlan

Rhys Smith

Joanna Pidgeon
Pidgeon Law

Dr David Harvey
Faculty of Law
University of Auckland

Garth Gallaway
Chapman Tripp

Tim Clarke
Bell Gully

Simon Paykel
Maynard Marks 

Mark Robinson
Sandringham Law

Peter Nolan
Barrister and Solicitor

Jeno Capo
Technical Manager
Financial Lines,


Justin March
DLA Piper