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You’re juggling a busy schedule when you suddenly need to get involved in a claim made against a lawyer, perhaps against one of your partners, an employee, external colleague or even you.

What do you do?

This On Demand seminar discusses how to respond to civil claims against lawyers, whether you are the lawyer against whom the claim is brought or whether you are representing another practitioner.

Learning Outcomes

  • Find out about the process involved in claims against lawyers and the steps that need to be taken when a claim is made.
  • Learn about the issues involved in these claims including:
    • the scope of lawyers’ duties of care;
    • conflicts of interest, confidentiality and other fiduciary duties;
    • application of the Fair Trading Act;
    • causation;
    • limitation; 
    • developing trends in professional liability – areas to watch out for.
  • Learn more about how professional indemnity policies work.

Who should view?

This seminar is relevant to all lawyers. 


Order timeframe

Access details will be delivered via email within 15 minutes.


Daniel McLellan QC
Shortland Chambers

Rowan Butler
Bankside Chambers

Matthew Harris
Gilbert Walker


Paul Collins
Shortland Chambers