The AML/CFT Toolkit Series II: Composite Package [all four sessions] (On Demand)

Recorded Seminar 6 CPD Hrs
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Given the success of the initial series of seminars and a clear indication from the profession that more information and assistance would be both needed and welcome, ADLS has developed the AML/CFT Toolkit Series II. Like the first, this series of seminars is designed to provide practitioners with the tools to understand their AML/CFT obligations and gain insights into how to approach and manage those obligations with confidence and in the most time-efficient manner.

The series will provide practical information about how to deal with audits and assurance requirements, how to submit Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) and Prescribed Transaction Reports (PTRs) to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), insights into some of the issues practitioners may face with advice from professionals already complying with the AML/CFT regime, and an opportunity to hear from and engage with the AML/CFT supervisor, the Department of Internal Affairs.

Each session is co-presented by Fiona Hall and other AML/CFT experts. Fiona is a barrister and solicitor specialising in this area, with personal experience as an AML Compliance Officer with primary responsibility for the development and implementation of AML programmes for entities within a substantial designated business group.

In the AML/CFT Toolkit Series II, Fiona co-presents with a compliance expert, the FIU, professionals already dealing with AML/CFT compliance and the Department of Internal Affairs.

Fiona introduces 'The AML/CFT Toolkit Series II'

Series comprises:

  1. Audits and Assurance
  2. GoAML Reporting
  3. Special Issues
  4. Meet the Regulator

Who should view?

Given the scope of the legislation, this series is relevant to almost all lawyers in practice but it will be of particular importance to senior partners, practice managers and AML Compliance Officers who will be responsible for the development of the policies and processes required to comply with the Act

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Fiona Hall
Barrister and Solicitor

Fiona Hall is a barrister and solicitor specialising in AML/CFT, consumer credit and privacy law. After her admission to the bar in 1987, Fiona initially practised general commercial litigation and banking law at large law firms in both Auckland and London, before moving in-house. Her in-house counsel roles covered a number of credit and credit related businesses as well as for a government regulator.

Fiona has acted as the head of compliance and both privacy and AML officer in conjunction with her legal roles. She has developed and implemented a number of AML/CFT programmes and has been a presenter at many AML/CFT conferences and fora.

As a member of the ADLS subcommittee on AML/CFT, Fiona has played an integral part in engaging with the legislators and regulators to ensure the particular challenges facing the profession are heard and understood. She is currently advising and assisting a number of law firms, big and small, to implement their AML programmes, while continuing to advise existing reporting entities as the law evolves.