Data and Electronic Records: Gathering, Analysis and Use (On Demand)

Recorded Seminar 2 CPD Hrs
Your desk or on your portable device

As mobile devices, social media, and web archives change the nature of digital evidence, will you be able to address the increasing complexity and the associated issues that arise?

Advanced technologies ranging from mobile devices to satellites are providing sophisticated ways to document daily events, resulting in an expansive collection of invaluable records. People are now creating documentation that may become “evidence” in a range of cases around the world.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop a greater understanding of what types of data and electronic records are available for you to tap into.
  • Learn more about the lifecycle of such data in relation to its potential appearance in Court, including considerations of ownership and timing.
  • Receive guidance on how this data can be gathered, analysed and then used in legal practice.

Who should view?

Civil and Criminal lawyers, including for defence and prosecution. Employment lawyers may also find this useful. Police officers, Counsel for enforcement agencies and In-House Counsel for those on the receiving end of searches may also benefit from attending.

Order timeframe

Access details will be delivered via email within 15 minutes.


Dr A Sathyendran
Principal Consultant
AnS Consulting

Dr Sathyendran is a independent telecommunication specialist with over 20 years’ experience in technology, policy and regulation.  

He has provided expert advice for court cases, regulatory reviews and been part of New Zealand delegations to United Nations and Asia Pacific regulatory meetings. 

He has an in depth knowledge of wireless technologies, radio propagation and a broad knowledge of telecommunication networks.

He is experienced in providing expert technical analysis and advice on mobile call and location analysis, interference resolution, and technical regulation. 

Chris Budge
KPMG Advisory

Chris is a Director within KPMG's Forensic team which provides proactive and reactive investigative, anti-fraud and litigation services where Chris' speciality is technology related unauthorised activity (crimes) and support.

Chris was the Trust and Safety Manager at TradeMe and after serving 20 years in the Royal New Zealand Military Police, has spent 17 years providing forensic technology solutions to primarily government organisations, including the NZ Police, Serious Fraud Office and others who investigate some of New Zealand's significant fraud and dishonesty cases.

Chris has been recognised as an expert in NZ and has given evidence in several high profile cases.

David Horsburgh
Licensed Security Consultant
Security Risk Management

David worked as an investigator for the New Zealand Police and as a surveillance operative for the NZSIS until 1997.  His work involved using audio interception and imaging technologies as investigation tools. 

Since 1997 David has worked as a security consultant and has presented CCTV-related expert evidence in criminal and civil cases involving allegations of homicide, burglary, assault, theft and state abuse of power. 

David regularly attends security-related conferences and courses in the United States

Ron Mansfield
22 Lorne Chambers


Dr David Harvey