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Te Ao Maori, or the Maori dimension, is an integral element of the practice of law in New Zealand. Its application isn’t restricted solely to matters regarding the Treaty of Waitangi or Maori Land Courts, but has a far more wide-ranging application.

As a legal practitioner in New Zealand you will undoubtedly come across situations when you will need to either be aware of the protocol to follow or where knowledge of the application of certain aspects of legislation can greatly assist your clients.

This On Demand seminar will help you to discover and navigate those pathways.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn more about the Maori Language Act and its application in the practise of law.

  • Receive practical advice on how to observe formalities in court during special occasions such as the swearing in of a Judge or admission of a lawyer.

  • Gain a better understanding of how and when to perform a Karakia, mihi mihi, and other aspects of tikanga in court, your office and other legal situations.

  • Learn more about the requirements of section 27 of the Sentencing Act and how to best utilise it for your clients.

Who should view?

All lawyers especially those who practise Maori law, have Maori clients or would like to learn more about Te Ao Maori and the law. This On Demand seminar will also be useful to all practitioners at all levels in various areas of practice.


Order timeframe

Access details will be delivered via email within 15 minutes.


John Kahukiwa
Corban Revell

Te Kani Williams
Wackrow Williams & Davies Limited

Te Kani has been a partner at Wackrow Williams & Davies since August 2002. He has a very wide sphere of practice incorporating Commercial, Civil Litigation, Trusts, Property and Maori Legal issues.

He is regularly appointed to facilitate and mediate disputes regarding Maori issues and by the Maori Land Court as a Mediator and Facilitator. He has acted extensively in the Waitangi Tribunal area since 1997.

He has also appeared several times on State and Maori Television as a guest/expert panelist on Maori Treaty Issues. Wackrow Williams & Davies Limited is the only law firm to have won a Nga Tohu Reo Maori Award (Maori Language Award) for the promotion of Maori language in 2015 (in the Private Business sector) and in 2017 (Te Wiki o te Reo Maori sector-Maori Language week

Khylee Quince
Senior Lecturer


His Honour Judge Taumaunu