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The importance of fiduciary relationships in the legal context cannot be overestimated. They pervade numerous areas of law and yet their exact nature is often misunderstood. The implications of breaching fiduciary duties and obligations and the possible defences available are also not always clear. This On Deman webinar covers these and other aspects of fiduciary relationships with a focus on their relevance to legal practitioners.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn more about what characterises a fiduciary relationship and duties to act in good faith and avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • Understand better those areas of law where fiduciary relationships are already recognised and how these may be extended.
  • Gain insights into how fiduciaries often breach their obligations, the consequences of such breaches and the defences that may be available in certain situations.   

Who should view?

The topic is of relevance to a wide range of practitioners including general practitioners, commercial lawyers and litigators.


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Matthew Atkinson
Fee Langstone

Matt is an insurance litigation specialist, with a particular focus on policy disputes and negligence claims against professionals.

Matt graduated from the University of Otago in 1994. He spent ten years working in the insurance industry as both a claims handler and underwriter before returning to private practice in 2006.

Throughout his career, Matt has focussed on claims against professionals and the resolution of indemnity issues. His work as a solicitor, insurance claims handler and underwriter means that he has a unique understanding of the insurance industry and the demands placed upon it. Matt uses his experience to provide clear, direct advice and is always mindful of the ultimate strategy of achieving the best outcome for his clients in the most cost-effective manner.

Matt has significant court and dispute resolution experience, having represented clients in the District Court, High Court and Court of Appeal.

Tim Mackenzie
Canterbury Chambers

Tim has previously practiced in senior roles for the crown and a national law firm. He practises a range of litigation from Canterbury Chambers. Tim has particular experience in companies and director disputes, professional liability, and claims involving employers and senior employees, in addition to a general civil and regulatory practice.