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Watch Carlene introduce 'More Word for Lawyers' in this 2 minute video.

Picking up from the very successful webinar, Word for Lawyers, this session looks at other functions and facilities offered by Word 2010 which will be of use to lawyers in their practices on a daily basis. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn more about the intricacies of track changes, document comparison and cross-referencing.
  • Gain a better understanding of how to create tables, use mail merge and deal with printing woes.
  • Develop skills to enable the confident use of headers, footers, section breaks and the like.

Who should view?

Lawyers and legal executives with a working knowledge of Word 2010 who are wanting to get the most out of the software. Practice managers may also benefit from attending.

(Attendance at the previous webinar on Word is not essential)

Related activity

The On Demand webinar Word for Lawyers (also presented by Carlene) will help make your work life that bit easier and enhance your legal documents. The following areas are covered in this hour-long session: 

  • document security and storage: passwords, PDFs, the Cloud and recovered documents;
  • formatting: styles and document structure; format painter; navigation panes; keeping with next; and cross-referencing;
  • tracked changes and document comparison;
  • maximising your use of tools: quick access toolbar use; the status bar, find and replace and autotext; and
  • a whole extra bag o’ tricks: everything from Crlt+A to Ctrl+W.




Order timeframe

Access details will be delivered via email within 15 minutes.


Carlene O'Meagher

Senior Business Analyst
Chapman Tripp

Carlene has been delivering IT Training to the legal profession since 1998. Carlene graduated with a BA/LLB from Auckland and practised as a barrister until her head was turned by computers. She spent six years in London working in the IT department at CMS Cameron McKenna, in various roles involving training and working with the business. 

Carlene has worked at Chapman Tripp since 2005, initially joining as an IT Trainer. In her current role of Senior Business Analyst, she delivers IT Training both in the classroom and via e-learning. She also works closely with the legal and support teams to understand their technological needs, ensure systems are delivered to meet those needs, and to help everyone through the change process so they are comfortable with the new systems. She remains suspicious that studying law may inhibit the part of the brain that can drive a computer, but she remains optimistic that, with a helping hand, this process can be reversed.