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ADLS and SCA(NZ) will be holding their inaugural half-day conference on issues relating to unit titles and bodies corporate. With input from lawyers and property managers this event will cover a range of topics relevant to all those who have dealings in this area of law.

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Governance and Best Practice Tips

Good governance is essential to the effective running of any Body Corporate as is keeping accurate records, ensuring robust decision making and minimising disputes. This session will provide insights into the interaction between the different governance positions and the Body Corporate Manager, as well as providing best practice tips on dealing with difficulties that can arise around resolutions, minutes, delegations, and Body Corporate rules. 

Liza Fry-Irvine, Senior Associate, Pidgeon Law
Andrew Yovich, Branch Manager, Barfoot & Thompson 

Levy Collection and the Use of Funds

Every Body Corporate will need, at some stage, to raise levies and most will have funds to cover a variety of expenditure and costs. This session will look at levy collection, providing practical tips on how best to go about it, the purposes of specific funds and the difficulties that may arise where levies are unpaid and funds are used for the wrong purpose.

Katerina Wendt, Barrister, City Chambers

Bodies Corporate at War: Dealing with Factions and Dysfunction

This session, which includes working through a case study, will look at the types of issues which arise in a variety of Bodies Corporate including the inherent tensions existing between investors, developers and resident owners, conflicts of interest, cost disputes and personality issues, how to deal with factions and avoid dysfunction.

Joanna Pidgeon, Principal, Pidgeon Law
Doug Wilson, Senior Body Corporate Manager, Strata Title Administration Ltd

Remediation Schemes I: Go to Whoa

Remediation schemes can often provide their own set of problems to a Body Corporate. This session will focus on the practical aspects of remediation and provide guidance on how they can best be managed. 

Jeanne Heatlie, Partner, Rainey Law
Gillian Blakely, National Body Corporate Director, Colliers International

Remediation Schemes II: Issues and Alternatives

This session will look at the provisions of the Act that relate to the recovery of expenditure for repairs and maintenance and their relationship with remediation schemes under s 74.  It will provide insights into assessing the best options available to Bodies Corporate particularly in relation to cost allocation. 

David Bigio QC

Unit Titles and Redevelopments

Despite the Unit Titles Act 2010 making the issue of redevelopment less challenging, there are a number of considerations which need to be taken into account when contemplating redevelopments.

Vicki Toan, Partner, Glaister Ennor

Panel Discussion: Body Corporate Managers and Lawyers: The Ideal

This final session will take the form of an interactive discussion between attendees and a panel of presenters. It will highlight those characteristics which managers consider to be ideal in a property lawyer and vice versa with the aim of helping those professionals involved with Bodies Corporate to interact with each other for their mutual benefit.

Chair: Thomas Gibbons, Director, McCaw Lewis 

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Liza Fry-Irvine
Senior Associate
Pidgeon Law

Andrew Yovich
Branch Manager
Barfoot & Thompson

Joanna Pidgeon
Pidgeon Law

Doug Wilson
Senior Body Corporate Manager
Strata Title Administration Ltd

Jeanne Heatlie
Rainey Law

Gillian Blakely
National Body Corporate Director 
Colliers International

Katerina Wendt
City Chambers

Vicki Toan
Glaister Ennor

David Bigio QC


Thomas Gibbons
McCaw Lewis