Working with the Harmful Digital Communications Act (On Demand)

Recorded Webinar 1.25 CPD Hrs
Your desk or your portable device


With the civil enforcement component of the Act in effect from late November 2017, the likelihood of an increase in civil litigation and a number of criminal prosecutions already completed or in progress, this On Demand webinar provides a very timely review of the workings of the Harmful Digital Communications Act. Considering the Act’s civil and criminal application, it will also provide insight into the safe harbour provisions for online hosts.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand better the civil enforcement regime of the Act and the role NetSafe as the Approved Agency will play.
  • Learn more about the criminal prosecutions that have taken place in terms of the legislation and the Court’s approach to sentencing where convictions have been made.
  • Gain insights into the safe harbour provisions of the Act and the way in which online hosts are protected from potential legal action.

Who should view?

General practitioners, litigators, in-house counsel and those advising clients on website usage and technological developments


Order timeframe

Access details will be delivered via email within 15 minutes.


Dr David Harvey
Faculty of Law
Auckland University

Dr David Harvey was appointed as a District Court Judge in 1989, and sat at Manukau for 20 years before transferring to Auckland in 2009. As a judge, Dr Harvey was closely involved with information technology initiatives involving the judiciary. He recently stood down from the Bench and is now the Director of the New Zealand Centre for ICT Law at the Law School.