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This On Demand Property Law Pot Pourri Seminar provides informative content on three important topics: fences views and trees, the purchasing of commercial properties, and problems associated with residential tenancies . Take advantage of this convenient opportunity to receive practical guidance on real issues for property law practitioners.

Offending Fences, Disappearing Views and Troublesome Trees

All too often disputes between neighbours over fences, views and trees are not resolved until drastic action is taken by the parties and the involvement of lawyers is inevitable.  This presentation will cover the possible legal solutions to neighbourhood disputes which have escalated to a point where legal action is unavoidable. 

Top Tips when Purchasing Commercial Property 

Top tips and guidance for advising purchasers of commercial property through due diligence, negotiating the sale and purchase agreement and conducting settlement.  The session will provide a brief overview of a range of issues that can arise, before focusing in more detail on issues relating to building works, tenant outgoings and incomings and interim management arrangements.

Best Practice Advice for Residential Landlords and Property Managers 

With recent amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act regulating insulation and fire alarms in such properties, not to mention the ongoing issues relating to methamphetamine contamination and the lack of prescribed thresholds as to acceptable levels, there is much to concern residential landlords/vendors and property managers.  Being able to advise clients on these issues in a practical way while understanding the new legal framework, is an important skill for all property lawyers.

Who should view?

All lawyers and legal executives practising in the area of property law.




John Burley
McVeagh Fleming

John is a partner in McVeagh Fleming's Auckland civil litigation team with experience in a diverse range of practice areas, including construction as well as neighbour and general commercial and contract disputes.  He also provides advice to both public and private sector clients in respect of dispute resolution options, and regularly appears in various specialist tribunal and private arbitration proceedings.  John's expertise also extends to providing advice on how to avoid litigation where appropriate, and assisting in the negotiation of mediated settlements of civil disputes.  

Anna Crosbie
Senior Associate
Russell McVeagh

Anna is a Senior Associate in Russell McVeagh's property team. She advises on all aspects of property law, specialising in assisting clients with commercial property development, sales and leasing and construction.

Mark Robinson
Sandringham Law

Mark is the principal of Sandringham Law. He has been practicing law for 20+ years in both urban and rural settings. His firm specialises in private client, property and commercial matters. He is a member of the ADLSI Property Law Committee. Mark is a self-confessed insulation fanatic and has insulated his own subfloor at home and has retrofitted his own rental property and as well as his friends' properties.


Joanna Pidgeon
Pidgeon Law