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Rising legal costs have become a significant barrier to access to justice for civil litigants in New Zealand.  The growth of litigation funders in the New Zealand market presents one possible solution for clients who have legitimate legal claims but are unable to vindicate their rights as a result of financial constraints. This On Demand seminar considers litigation funding from both a practical and a legal perspective, including the particular issues that arise from the involvement of litigation funders in representative actions.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of how litigation funders operate within the context of access to justice, the assessment of claims and the way in which funding agreements may be framed.
  • Learn more about the legal issues that arise when individual claims involve litigation funders and those associated with representative actions and the supervisory role of the courts in that context.
  • Gain insights into how, as a practitioner, you can engage the services of a litigation funder on behalf of clients, including what information litigation funders require to assess a claim. 

Who should view? 

All civil litigators and general practitioners.


Bill Wilson QC

Daisy Williams
Shortland Chambers

A specialist in civil litigation and intellectual property, Daisy’s practice covers advice and advocacy in a broad range of commercial disputes, including contract, insurance and property matters.  She is experienced in litigating funded claims, including the particular substantive and procedural issues that arise from the involvement of litigation funders in the context of representative actions.  

Daisy is also a contributing author to Gault on Commercial Law.

Andrew Hooker
Managing Director
Shine Lawyers

Andrew is the Managing Director of Shine Lawyers NZ Limited, the NZ division of Shine Lawyers in Australia, one of the largest specialist plaintiff law firms in Australia.  He specialises in insurance and plaintiff claims and has acted exclusively for insureds against insurers for the last five years.

In 2014, Andrew made New Zealand history by launching the largest ever representative action with over 30,000 people taking a case against banks claiming unlawful default fees, and this case is currently proceeding before the High Court in New Zealand.  Andrew has appeared in Courts in New Zealand, and across the pacific including Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga and Fiji.  

As a specialist plaintiff lawyer, often representing smaller parties, Andrew has a very keen interest in issues around access to and affordability of justice.