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Domestic violence cases often involve care of children issues. This can make proceedings more complex and can have wide ranging implications for those involved. This On Demand seminar addresses current practical matters within this key interface. 

Learning outcomes

  • Receive an update on the CoCA safety test for unsupervised contact and the judicial response to DV applications.
  • Understand how the interplay between these two aspects of Family law affects practice (e.g. supervision, progression of cases, filing and service) and what happens when findings do not match up, and when holding-off filing papers is appropriate.
  • Gain insights into the impact psychological abuse can have in this area.

Who should view?

All lawyers involved in DVA/CoCA matters.





Rebecca Holm
Barrister and Family Mediator
North Shore Legal Chambers

Rebecca Holm is a Family Law specialist who became a practising family lawyer in 1997.  Rebecca has a Masters degree which focused on dispute resolution.  Rebecca is a trained mediator and approved by the Ministry of Justice as a lawyer for children.  She acts for private clients who need assistance with their divorce settlement, parenting and relocation issues, adoption, relationship property or any other matter heard in the Family Court. Rebecca will work as a consultant for people who file their own application, but who need to receive legal advice on what applications to file in court and what information is necessary for the affidavit. 

Lisa La Mantia
O'Connell Chambers


His Honour Judge de Jong


John Hickey
Principal, Hickey Law