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A legally successful case can be a Pyrrhic victory for your client if unrecovered legal and expert costs leave it substantially out of pocket. Partial, rather than indemnity, cost recovery as the norm is a deliberate structural feature of the New Zealand civil justice system. This On Demand webinar will discuss ways to maximise cost recovery for your clients within that structure, with a focus on recent developments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Receive a refresher on the core principles regarding costs.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of key issues in this area, such as security for costs, Calderbank offers and other grounds for increased costs awards, recovery of large disbursements including expert and electronic discovery invoices, and the enforcement of contractual indemnity costs provisions.
  • Become better apprised about how to approach these issues when seeking, or opposing, costs orders.

Who should view?

Civil litigators, and commercial lawyers and in-house counsel who draft clauses regarding costs in the event of a dispute.


Martin Smith
Gilbert Walker

Martin Smith is a partner at the specialist dispute resolution practice, Gilbert/Walker. He has extensive experience in High Court and appellate litigation, in particular in commercial and insurance disputes.