Professional Disciplinary Tribunals: Achieving the Best Outcomes (On Demand)

Recorded Webinar 1 CPD Hr
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For many practitioners, the realm of disciplinary tribunals, which relate to numerous professional bodies, is somewhat of an unknown, particularly in respect of procedural matters.  Because the livelihood and reputation of clients are involved, the stakes are high. This On Demand webinar will provide insights from both someone who acts for professional disciplinary bodies and someone who represents clients at hearings.

 (This webinar will focus on a number of tribunals but not on those of the legal or medical disciplinary tribunals, although examples may be drawn from them and some of the content will apply to them.)

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of common themes across a variety of frameworks and disciplines.
  • Gain a better understanding of how a matter is dealt with from the initial investigative stages through to the hearing itself and the role of the lawyer at each stage.
  • Learn more about the procedures, rules of evidence and the possible outcomes of a hearing and how they may differ from the more familiar Court procedures.
  • Gain insights into how best to manage clients facing disciplinary charges and how to limit reputational damage.

Who should view?

General practitioners and litigators who may be called upon from time to time to advise clients facing professional disciplinary investigations or charges.


Michael Hodge
Meredith Connell

Michael advises and conducts reviews for Crown and corporate entities in a range of regulatory settings, including providing advice and assistance on the establishment and implementation of regulatory change processes. He has extensive civil litigation expertise, ranging from complex damages claims in the District Court and High Court and the resolution of large-scale infrastructure and construction disputes, through to Trustee Act litigation and applications for judicial review.  Michael has particular expertise in public and regulatory litigation, including acting on professional licensing and disciplinary matters for the New Zealand Law Society, Real Estate Agents Authority, New Zealand Teachers Council, Financial Markets Authority, and the Racing Integrity Unit.  


Sam Wimsett
22 Lorne Chambers

Sam is an experienced courtroom advocate specialising in criminal, civil and disciplinary proceedings. He appears in a full range of criminal matters, including trials involving allegations of homicide, serious violence, sexual violation, drug manufacture & supply, fraud, private prosecutions and appeals against conviction & sentence. He also appears in civil and disciplinary proceedings, including proceeds of crime litigation, Employment Court hearings, matters before the Real Estate Agents’ Authority and sports disciplinary tribunal hearings. Sam has appeared in the various primary and appellate courts in New Zealand. He is legal aid approved for all categories of criminal and civil work, including appeals to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.