Wed 17 February | 12:00PM - 1:00PM | At your desk or on your portable device


Despite changes to Child Support having taken effect in April 2015, many lawyers do not fully comprehend the formula itself, nor the implications of the changes. This webinar will cover both the current situation and the fresh suite of changes due to take effect in April 2016, enabling you to better advise your clients and strategise accordingly.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a better understanding of the Child Support formula, its components and flexibility, including through worked examples in the written materials.
  • Learn more about working with the formula, Care of Children Act and relationship property matters, and how to craft a robust order.
  • Gain insights into the enforcement of orders and IRD’s approach.

Who should attend?

Family lawyers at all levels who deal with care of children and relationship property matters.

Accountants, tax advisers, refuge managers and family budgeters etc may also benefit from attending.


Jan Chappell
Senior Solicitor - Legal and Technical Services, Inland Revenue

Jan has been with Inland Revenue for eleven and a half years. She specialises in child support matters, advising and appearing on legislative, administrative and litigation functions on behalf of the department.


Brian Carter
Barrister, Bastion Chambers