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Applications under the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992 (‘the Act’) involve practitioners in a unique advocacy environment. For practitioners to be effective, and to meet their duties to the Court and the ADLSI Mental Health Guidelines, a clear appreciation of the legislative framework, procedures and hearing practice is required.  This workshop is designed to provide practitioners working in this area with insights and helpful guidance in this respect.

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Workshop format and content

The facilitators of this workshop were drawn from all aspects of the mental health area relevant to court proceedings. This included Judges, District Inspectors, practitioners and medical personnel.

The format adopted was a dynamic one, including role play with commentary to provide a realistic, practical experience for practitioners. Common, but challenging, scenarios were the focus of this presentation. The scenarios comprise firstly an opposed CTO (compulsory treatment order) application hearing under sections 14 and 30 of the Act. Grounds of opposition included mental illness and addiction.

The second scenario is an examination following a patient’s application under section 16 of the Act. An inquisitorial approach was taken.

Commentary was provided from the perspectives of a District Inspector, District Court Judge, doctor and patient.

Who should view

This workshop is a must for all lawyers practising in or who wish to practice in the area of mental health. Attendance was compulsory for those on the Auckland and South Auckland mental health rosters.

Feedback from the live event

“Very good workshop - educational and insightful!”

“Very informative. Excellent format."


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Commentary from the perspectives of a District Inspector, District Court Judge, doctor and patient.