ADLS New Zealand Lawyers Directory May – Oct 2017


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The ADLS New Zealand Lawyers Directory is the ONLY directory to use information from ADLS's database, making it the most comprehensive and up‐to‐date directory of lawyers in the market.

The directory includes sections with ASB Bank account holders, barristers, firms by area, firms’ details and bank account numbers, associated organisations, practitioners in alphabetical order, nationwide practitioners – corporate and legal executives.

Other useful information includes LINZ, QVNZ, Inland Revenue, public notaries, government departments, legal aid, statutory bodies, courts and tribunals, crown law office and community corrections offices.

The Directory is published in May and November each year and individual copies are available for sale to both members of the legal profession and outside organisations.

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The New Zealand Lawyers Directory is a credible, bi-annual publication, produced by ADLS listing legal firms and around 11,000 practising lawyers across New Zealand. The print run is over 2,000 copies per edition and distribution is nationwide, making a great opportunity for your brand to be in front of a highly targeted audience of New Zealand legal professionals.

The New Zealand Lawyers Directory is published bi-annually in November and May.

Directory and subscription pricing may be subject to change. 

Publication dateMay 2017
NZ Lawyers Directory
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Non-Members (public) $ 95.00
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