Legal Practice Manual Volume: Family Law

Legal Practice Manual Volume: Family Law


The Family Law Volume of the ADLS Legal Practice Manual has recently received a complete update with the following 11 chapters: 

  1. Introduction to Family Law Cases – Stephen McCarthy (original author)
  2. Adoption & Surrogacy – updated byZandra Wackenier
  3. Dissolution of Marriage – updated byAlissa Bell
  4. Domestic Violence Legislation – updated byRebecca Holm
  5. The Property (Relationships) Act – updated byJennie Hawker
  6. Spousal Maintenance –  updated byJane Hunter & Krystle Gardner
  7. Child Support – updated byJan Chappell
  8. Care & Protection of Children –updated byAllan Cooke
  9. Guardianship under the Care of Children Act – Kathryn Buchanan (original author)
  10. Parenting Orders under The Care of Children Act – updated byAmanda Donovan & Victoria Moss
  11. Child Abduction – Colin Pidgeon (original author) 

The complete set of 11 chapters comes in a binder with tabs for easy reference. 

ADLS Legal Practice manuals are an excellent resource for general practitioners, newly suited lawyers or legal executives who simply want a place to start when dealing with files in areas that they do not often encounter.


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