Hinde on Commercial Leases, 4th Edition

Author(s): Jason Goodall Hinde on Commercial Leases, 4th Edition


This fourth edition updates the content from the last edition with a specific focus on the substantive legislative changes in the Land Transfer Act 2017. It is a modern exposition of the law relating to leases and tenancies (other than residential tenancies). It provides the busy practitioner with up-to-date practical guidance when facing the many issues that may arise between landlord and tenant, with an in-depth commentary giving references to a wide range of New Zealand, Australian and English cases. References are also provided for English and Australian texts as well as periodicals.



• The only specific resource relating to Commercial Leases in New Zealand. 
• Provides up-to-date, clear and practical guidance


Chapter 1: Introduction to Leasehold estates 
Chapter 2: Types of leases and tenancies
Chapter 3: Creation of leases
Chapter 4: Covenants, conditions, powers and obligations
Chapter 5: The Lessor’s covenants, powers and obligations
Chapter 6: The lessee’s covenants and obligations
Chapter 7: Rights of renewal and rights to purchase the reversion
Chapter 8: Extension or variation of leases
Chapter 9: Transfers and assignments of leases and reversions
Chapter 10: Subleases
Chapter 11: Mortgages of leases
Chapter 12: Remedies of the lessor during the continuance of the lease
Chapter 13: Remedies of the lessee during the continuance of the lease
Chapter 14: Determination of leases and tenancies

Publication dateJune 2019
PublisherLexis Nexis
Books ISBN: 9781988546001
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